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High Carbo Diets Essay, Research PaperHigh Carbo DietsThe High Protein Diet Controversy Aaron D. Anderson Cumberland College Health Issues II Spring Monday, February 12, 2000 Introduction The traditional dietetic guidelines most of us were taught in school are now being challenged as a consequence of a new diet.

Remember when your instructor told you that all you needed to make to eat healthy you merely needed to devour a batch of pastas and staff of lifes and eat meats and fats meagerly. Timess have changed. In today & # 8217 ; s fast paced universe of point coms and international infinite Stationss, everyone is looking for something new. It & # 8217 ; s in with the new and out with the old.

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It seems this is true with our eating wonts every bit good. I guess we could recognition some of this alteration to the rise of fleshiness in America. Whatever the ground, it seems that this new high protein diet is here to remain. In fact, harmonizing to a new strain of dietician, the delay is over. The reply this new protein diet offers for an antique job of fleshiness includes a 180-degree bend around in the presently accepted dietetic guidelines. The advocators of the & # 8220 ; high protein diet & # 8221 ; urge that a individual about wholly extinguish your saccharide consumption and duplicate your protein intake. This is a far call from what dieticians have recommended in the yesteryear.

In fact, high protein diet programs are take a firm standing that alternatively of holding that field baked murphy and brown rice you planned for dinner, that you serve up a nice, juicy, dual assisting of barbeque ribs, and disregard the fat. Never mind the fat? What do they intend ignore the fat? Don & # 8217 ; t they know about fat? Sounds excessively good to be true, right? Well, non harmonizing to advocators of the protein diet. They insist that by extinguishing high saccharide nutrients and replacing them with high protein nutrients, irrespective of the sum of fat they contain, your organic structure can more expeditiously burn fat and hence aid you to lose weight.

Yes, the new protein diet really insists that you can eat fat and lose weight. However, the inquiry still remains, & # 8220 ; Is this diet healthy for Americans? & # 8221 ; This is precisely what I hope to reply for you in the undermentioned pages. What is A Protein Diet? To assist you understand what dieticians are naming a high protein diet I will reexamine the popular literature that has been published on the subject. You have heard the popular expression, & # 8220 ; History repeats itself. & # 8221 ; It appears that it applies to diets every bit good, because in actuality, high protein diets have appeared for over 40 old ages. In the 1960s the Atkins & # 8217 ; Diet.

In the 1970s, it was reincarnated as the Stillman Diet. Then, in the 1980s it surfaced once more as the popular Scarsdale Diet. In each of these decennaries the high protein diet fad finally died down because of the deficiency of scientific support and the populaces trust in the guidelines put away by our authorities. Despite high protein & # 8217 ; s questionable yesteryear and the repeated warnings by every major wellness institute in America, a new harvest of high protein diet books, such as The Zone and Dr Atkin & # 8217 ; s New Diet Revolution has caught the public & # 8217 ; s attending once more ( 4 ) . To seek to grok what the splash is all about we will analyze one of the top merchandising books on the market today about protein diets, The Atkin & # 8217 ; s Diet. The chief dietetic rule driving the Atkins Diet is ketosis ( 5 ) . Ketosis is a status in which unusual merchandises of fat are broke down in the blood. More merely stated, it means extra, stored organic structure fat is burned, which consequences in weight loss.

To set the organic structure into a province of ketonemia you must curtail the sum of saccharides consumed in a twenty-four hours to less than 100 gms. Harmonizing to Dr. Atkins, regular insulin production converts extra saccharides into organic structure fat. However, in the absence of saccharides the organic structure can non utilize its & # 8217 ; fat in the normal manner. Therefore, energy the organic structure requires can be burned through benign dietetic ketonemia, or the combustion of stored fat, instead than from saccharides consumed ( 5 ) . What does all of this mean to you and me? To explicate it in layman & # 8217 ; s footings, it merely means that when fewer saccharides are consumed, the organic structure of course produces less insulin.

As a consequence, the organic structure, which now lacks its & # 8217 ; carbohydrate energy beginning, finds alternate methods such as ketonemia, the combustion of stored fat, for necessary energy. Although it merely takes a lower limit of 100 gms to set your organic structure into a province of ketonemia, Dr. Atkins says it can change anyplace between 15 to 60 gms of saccharides per twenty-four hours, depending on how your organic structure responds to carbohydrate consumption.

To give you a comparing on how badly your saccharide consumption is limited by Dr. Atkins Diet, the American Heart Association suggests 300 gms of saccharides per twenty-four hours based on a 2000 Calorie per twenty-four hours diet ( 5 ) . So if you can & # 8217 ; t eat saccharides, what can you eat? On Dr.

Atkin & # 8217 ; s program, he suggests eating unrestricted sums of high protein, which include meat, fish, shellfish, domestic fowl, eggs, and cheese ( 7 ) . On the other manus, nutrient points like pasta, staff of life, and nutrients with big sums of refined sugar are eliminated. Still non certain what a high protein diet consists of? To give you a better thought, the followers is a sample of what your repasts would dwell of on a day-to-day footing. For breakfast you may include bacon and eggs, no toast, or juice because they contain excessively many saccharides. Then, for tiffin a little salad and a dual cheeseburger.

A roll would set you over the allowed 60 gms of saccharides in a twenty-four hours. Finally, for dinner, you would hold a salad with bluish cheese dressing, and steak or fried poulet if you prefer. Be certain non to include any staff of life or after dinner bites, as they excessively would interrupt the saccharide bound ( 7 ) . When you consume these types of repasts you consume about 40 % of your Calories from saccharides, 30 % of your Calories from protein, and 30 % from fat ( 8 ) . The addition in the consumption of protein and the terrible limitation of saccharides is the major difference between the high protein diet and the high saccharide, low fat diet that is presently accepted by all the major wellness organisations. Current Dietary Guidelines As you can see, the dietetic recommendations of protein diets are rather different than what you have been told your full life.

To be certain that you do understand the difference, allow & # 8217 ; s expression at what the current dietetic criterions are in the United States. In May 1992, the U.S. Department of Agriculture provided a new manner of categorising nutrients called the Food Pyramid ( 12 ) .

The Food Pyramid organizes nutrients into groups based on the Dietary Guidelines. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans were developed to reflect what was presently known about the effects diet has on a individual & # 8217 ; s wellness. There are seven Dietary Guidelines for Americans: a ) eat a assortment of nutrients ; B ) maintain a healthful weight ; degree Celsius ) choose a diet that is low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterin ; vitamin D ) choose a diet with plentifulness of fruits, veggies, and grain merchandises ; vitamin E ) usage sugars merely in moderateness ; degree Fahrenheit ) usage salt and other signifiers of Na merely in moderateness ; and g ) for grownups who drink intoxicant, do so merely in moderateness ( 12 ) .

These guidelines were developed to function as a usher to assist Americans live a healthy and comfortable life when the guidelines were followed closely. The Food Pyramid, which acts as a day-to-day repast contriver, even gives you illustrations of what you should and shouldn & # 8217 ; t eat, every bit good as how many helpings you should devour. Harmonizing to the Food Pyramid, nutrients such as staff of life, cereal, rice, and pasta should do up the largest portion of your diet: 6 to 11 helpings a daily. As you recall, these are the nutrients that you are non allowed to hold on the protein diet.

However, this is lone portion of the struggle between the two diets. As you move up the pyramid you need fewer helpings of each of the nutrient groups that follow. For illustration, you need 3 to 5 helpings daily from the vegetable group, and 2 to 4 helpings daily from the fruit group. But, harmonizing to the protein diet fruits contain excessively many saccharides and should be avoided.

Finally, the Food Pyramid recommends that you merely consume 2 to 3 helpings daily from both the milk and cheese group and the meat group. Again, this is precisely opposite of what dieticians who support the protein diet insists on. The protein diet suggests that you consume 40 % protein instead than the suggested 10-15 % . Furthermore this diet does non see fat to be the enemy, therefore it is non restricted. However, at the top of the Food Pyramid is where you will happen fats, which is suggested to devour meagerly.

As you can see this once more is different. The protein diet & # 8217 ; s conflict programs are for saccharides merely. All of the nutrients suggested by the Food Pyramid when consumed make up your day-to-day thermal consumption. In fact, three of these foods provide all of your Calories & # 8211 ; – saccharides, proteins, and fats. Balancing Calories consumed from these three foods is one of the keys to eating healthy. One manner to do certain you have a balanced diet is to devour the proper per centum of Calories from each of these foods. All major professional wellness organisations, including the American Heart Association, the National Cholesterol Education Program, and the American Cancer Society, endorse a diet that is composed of 10 % -15 % protein, 55 % -60 % saccharides, and 25 % -30 % fat Calories ( 4 ) . However, if a you eat the types of repasts suggested by the protein diet you consume about 40 % of your Calories from Carbohydrates, 30 % of your Calories from protein, and 30 % from fat ( 8 ) .

As you can see, there is a large difference between the two recommended diets. Why are the three foods proportioned so that saccharides make up the most of your day-to-day Calories, instead than flesh out, and protein? The reply can be explained through understanding the manner the organic structure uses the Calories that you consume throughout the twenty-four hours. Physiology of Weight Loss Understanding weight loss and weight addition is non that hard. In fact, your organic structure works much like an car.

Let me clear up what I mean. When you put gas in a auto you fill up the gas armored combat vehicle so that your engine will run. Likewise, you do the same for your organic structure each clip you eat a repast. By eating, you fill your organic structure up with Calories so that you can go on to finish the necessary basic maps for life. As with a auto, Thursdayvitamin E organic structure will finally run out of gas or energy. When this occurs you will go hungry, and you will run into this demand by make fulling your organic structure up once more by devouring more Calories.

However, there is one major difference between the make fulling procedure of a auto and that of the organic structure. In a auto you can merely make full the armored combat vehicle with so much gas, because there is a certain sum of fuel the gas armored combat vehicle will keep. The organic structure, on the other manus, has an limitless sum of infinite ; hence, it is capable of hive awaying extra sums of fuel as fat. For illustration, when you sit down to eat your organic structure begins to take in Calories or energy that it needs to map.

When you exercise you burn or use up those Calories. Therefore, we can reason that every bit long as you burn as many Calories as you take in you will non bring on weight addition. However, when you eat more Calories than you burn, the add-on of those added Calories will take to weight addition in the organic structure. As a affair of fact, if you burn more Calories than you eat, you will make a negative thermal balance, and hence lose weight. Because this energy balance must be invariably maintained in the organic structure, we as worlds must continually make full our armored combat vehicles with the equal sum of fuel. To complete the illustration of the auto, when we take in fuel ( or Calories ) our armored combat vehicle, or our thermal demands begins to make full up. Unlike the gas armored combat vehicle on the auto, which has a set bound, the organic structure will take any extra fuel that is obtained through feeding and shop it as fat.

When an surplus of 3,500 Calories has been consumed it will be one lb of fat. Conversely, when you burn or use up 3,500 Calories it besides equals on lb of fat loss regardless of whether those Calories came from proteins, fats, or saccharides. To sum up how the organic structure loses weight, is comparatively simple. Weight addition will happen when nutrient consumption of Calories is greater than the energy end product ; and, weight loss will happen when nutrient consumption of Calories is less than the energy end product. Now that we know what the current recognized criterions are for day-to-day nutrient ingestion, and what the protein diet consist of, we can now look at the benefits and advantages of high protein diets.

Advantages of High Protein Diets When looking for advantages of high protein diets there are two obvious 1s that instantly stick out. The first major advantage of the high protein diets is the fact that you get to eat many of the nutrients that are usually restricted or at least badly limited, on other diets. With protein diets, you need non experience guilty when you give in to the craving for a large juicy interest or a delectable rack of babe back ribs smothered in your favourite sauce from your favourite eating house. The other obvious advantage the protein diets have over the traditional dietetic guidelines is that exercising is non noted as a necessary wont.

Just think of it, a weight loss program that does non affect all of those agonizing hours in the gym on a stair climber or treadmill. Another non so obvious illustration of a benefit of the high protein diets is repletion, or the feeling of comprehensiveness. It is a common ailment of dieters that low-fat repasts do non experience them up, which causes them to acquire hungry more frequently ( 3 ) . On the protein diet you get to devour repasts that are high in fat and high in Calories. As a consequence, you feel full ; hence, you do non hold to worry about acquiring hungry once more. The advantages of the protein diet are chiefly obvious 1s, merely because there is merely non a batch of scientific research to back up the existent effects of high protein diets ( 4 ) . However, there are several studies on how big consumption’s of fats can adversely consequence the dieter.

Dangers of High Protein Diets The most obvious danger of high protein diets is the increased sums of concentrated fat that is consumed. Fats are a category of foods that supply more energy per gm than saccharides or protein ( 12 ) . Fats’ are, nevertheless, a really of import fuel for the organic structure, because they are responsible for assisting in the procedure of certain endocrines in the organic structure. However, non all fats are created equal. There are different sorts of dietetic fat.

The two that are most normally referred to are saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats are normally found at room temperature ( i.e. , carnal fats, butter, and lard ) . On the other manus, unsaturated fats are normally found liquid at room temperature ( i.e. vegetable oil ) .

The important difference between these two types of fats is that one is linked to the development of disease. Saturated fats are believed to take to the development of cardiovascular disease and some signifiers of malignant neoplastic disease. To cut down the hazard of cardiovascular disease and malignant neoplastic disease, it is recommended that you limit the entire sum of fat in your diet to no more than 30 % of your day’s entire Calories. The ingestion of the big sums of meat that is advocated in protein diets besides lead to increased sums of consumption of concentrated fats.

It is this ingestion that is the chief concern with high protein diets. Because of the increased sum of concentrated fats in high protein diets, you become more susceptible to cardiovascular disease. This nevertheless, is non the lone concern with high protein diets. High fat diets besides increase your blood cholesterin degrees as good.

High blood cholesterin is besides a taking cause in cardiovascular disease. Although, you may be losing weight by utilizing the high protein diets, you besides may be losing old ages off of your life every bit good. The inquiry you must inquire yourself is, which diet will assist you to lose weight and aid you to populate a long and happy life. Discussion The findings in researching the high protein diet, have led me to three decisions. First, the high protein diet does assist you to cast those excess lbs.

As I pointed out during the paper, any clip you cut down the sum of Calories consumed you create a negative thermal balance, and hence will lose weight. The protein diet does merely that. How you inquire? Well, it restricts the sum of Calories consumed through saccharides.

The cardinal word here is restricts. The protein diet does let you to eat any type of protein you like, but there is a bound to how much of it you are aloud to devour. High protein diets work because they are cutting out your primary beginning of Calories that you were eating before the diet, and for some of us we do eat a batch of saccharides. Therefore, the decrease in saccharide Calories is traveling to do a negative thermal balance, which in bend will take to the coveted weight loss.

So the inquiry of whether I think the high protein diet works or non is yes. Second, the protein diet does non recommend exercising ; hence, I must reason that any diet that does non emphasize exercising as portion of its’ plan is more concerned about book gross revenues than a person’s wellness. For a diet to be a successful money – shaper it must hold a selling tool. For the protein diet, it is the fact that you can lose weight without exerting, every bit good as eating all the fatty protein you want. With advertisement propaganda like that, who would non desire to seek this diet. And, maintain in head the diet will work, because of the reduced sum of Calories consumed through restricted saccharides. As a consequence, you non hold all of these people running about claiming how great the protein diet is because it allowed them to lose 20 lbs while eating all the fat they wanted and non exerting.

Finally, I do non believe that the protein diet will take to a healthier individual than you were before you began the diet. You may lose a few lbs ; in footings of life anticipation, there is no uncertainty, that people on protein diets are really headed toward unwanted high cholesterin and bosom jobs. High protein diets cause high cholesterin through their increased ingestion of animate being merchandises. With cardiovascular disease already the figure one cause of decease in the United States, the protein diet may do a drastic rise in the figure of bosom related diseases as more and more people looking for an easy reply to healthy eating bend to the protein diet.

In my personal sentiment, the protein diet is merely a craze diet claiming that you can eat fat and acquire scraggy. Because all of the increased high protein in this diet will come from nutrients that are besides high in concentrated fats, persons who are on the protein diet will see elevated cholesterin degrees. This, unluckily, is one of the primary causes of bosom disease.

In decision, the protein diet is a diet that will work, but so will hungering yourself. The more of import inquiry to inquire is, “What are the long-run effects of high protein diets? ” I think long-run surveies of the high protein diet, which are presently under manner, will give the same findings we already have approximately high fat diets. That is that diets high in fat lead to cardiovascular disease and an increased hazard of bosom onslaughts. However, in today’s “Charge now, pay later” society, I am afraid that we are non concerned with the long-run effects of diets such as the protein diets. We are, nevertheless, concerned with our visual aspect and how we can better it with the least sum of uncomfortableness as possible. However, the harm that will be done in footings of the figure of lives cut short by the dangers of the protein diets may be more than most bargained for.BibliographyLiterature Cited 1.

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