Heroic Structure in Movie “The Big Lebowski” Essay

Our community and society have been facing with the massive mass media for nowadays, and movie is one of them. As many people watch movies, it occupies an important role in their lives socially and economically. There are many different movies and several heroes representing in the world. Heroes are movie’s long material, and people have a different point of view when they watch movies. For example, The movie “Independence Day” could give deep impression that airplane pilots sacrificed their lives to save the world, but it could draw unwelcome attention that the world was saved under the leadership of United States.Similarly, movie heroes historical blip on the public’s desire to delegate to the body, and its functions as an intensive, which have a specific period movie that soars like a hero’s welcome, and it is a communication between the viewer a sense of contemporary popular devices that can be separated.

In this essay, how does outlaw hero Jeff Lebowski who wants to be called Dude represent his characteristics and what kinds of social issues can be come up with based on his characteristics in the movie “The Big Lebowsky”.In this movie, Lebowski’s one of outlaw personalities, selfishness, can easily find in most scenes. In the beginning of the film, for example, he stopped by a store to buy milk, then he paid it with his personal check for less than one dollar milk; he might want to be looked like cool guy to casher. This is not legally wrong. However, it makes the casher can be felt rude and dumbfounded because who is going to use personal check to pay off for less than one dollar product normally. It can be hard to see in real life.If many customers use their personal checks instead of using cash or credit card to buy low price products, many stores will not have enough change for cash customers, and lots of buyers lost their valuable time until other buyers try to fill amount, date, and signature in their checks.

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In addition, some people who have such a lack of responsibility and care try to use bounced checks to buy products. It may cause chaos in society. The other his outlaw characteristic is childishness.In the movie, for example, two strangers showed up all of a sudden and peed on Dude’s rug because they were pissed off that Dude was not a person they were looking for. Later, Dude met also named Lebowski who was millionaire to ask paying off for his rug. He believed what the guys did to him had to be done to millionaire Lebowski.

In the Lebowski’s point of view, the rug problem between Dude and the two strangers was not his issue. However, Dude took Lebowski’s rug from him even though he did not allow Dude to take the rug. In this scene, Dude tries to pass the buck to Lebowski.His irresponsible behavior and reckless life style should be criticized. His behavior can give a false notion that taking responsibility in communities is unnecessary moral principle to people who are working among others.

If it is still increasing in society, there is not going to exist honesty and integrity, and many people lay the responsibility for the failure on others instead of taking obligation to achieve goal. Lastly, the main character, Lebowski, is wanderer in the movie. Through his life, he was spending most of his time to do bowling with his crew, and there was no shame as a long last unemployment.Same exact no-point life style repeated a routine endlessly. Also, the way of Dude’s life style reflected that there were not needed particular abilities such as higher education, excellent relationship skills among people, and time management to be a hero. This causes possibly unhelpful effect to people who watch the movie especially teenagers because the image of heroes in young’s heart was hugely inspired by movies or dramas.

Most teenagers have their own heroes from dramas or movies, and they want to demonstrate heroes’ actions and expressions to become as one of them.If heroes give a positive motivation for the teenagers, there is nothing to worry about them. However, if heroes give a negative motivation to the teenagers, their mind are cluttered with wrong ideas that he or she cannot focus on studying as a student and not going to think about their future lives. In conclusion, Outlaw hero, Dude, has opposite characteristics comparing to official heroes’ characteristics.

The movie “The Big Lebowski” emphasizes that people who have outlaw personalities can be a hero.However, this happening just restricts in the movie, which means people who have official personalities are more involved and credited in the real world. The spectacular scenes, sounds and funny stories are the merits for the movie. If viewers consider about the movie’s production period and background before going to see it, they can think more about movie heroes’ characteristics in various way. Also, they can figure out what they are going to learn and throw off through the movie.

Movies also have power that can change people’s ideology, mind and even personality, so they have to be aware of how does it affect their lives.


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