hello so friends we have freezed thesolution

hello friends welcome to my video I ampro team and today I am going to showyou a very effective remedy forexcessive sweating nowthe first you have to take pudina ormint leaves mint leaves and place it ina bowlso friends we have taken this muchamount of pudina or mint leaves next wewill take neem leaf the next ingredientis namelynow we have taken this much amount ofneem leaves now friends we will move onand make the preparation in a gas ovennow this whole effective home remedy hasbeen created and shown by their wifeAthena now take a container and add toit 500 ml of distilled or mineral waterand then boil it now you have to boilthe water now the water has reached hisboiling point and is falling and nowseem your gas Oden Samir grass oven andadd the neem leaf to ityouso itand remember that you have to make thewater half of it you have to try thewater to 1/2 point that is up to 250 or200 mm to boil it and right now thewater is almost out right is come downApplausenow we will switch off the gas oven andlet it cool downso friends the solution has cooled downnow we will filter it in a separate Bowljust filter it with a scanner in aseparate Bowlnow add to this solution to pinch ofcamphor- pinch of camphor and mix it withsolution now take a nice tray and pourthe solution into the ice trayso after you have done that keep the icetray in the deep freeze – freeze to formcubes so friends we have freezed thesolution in an ice tray and is formedinto cubes now we will take off it fromthe ice cubes now these cubes are readyso these are very effective to controlexcessive sweating and also it killsheat rashes now friends you need to goto a party so before makeup just applythis on your face and then do themakeups that it will fit very nicely andif the excessive sweating will becontrollednow friends the application take a thincotton cloth or a very thin handkerchiefand place the ice cube into it then wrapit up like thisand then apply on the excessive sweatingpart or heat presses wherever you wantto you can apply it in and any part ofthe bodyapply it for at least about five minutesor until the tube smells thank you forwatching my video and keep watching myvideo


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