Hello, On average, the players with no

Hello,guys.Nowadays,people are stressful with their busy life.

We are seeking for life satisfactionuntil forget to enjoy our life. A recently research on ‘Happiness and LifeSatisfaction in Malaysia’ from the World Values Survey (WVS) database showedthat Malaysians are comparatively less happy than citizens in Westerncountries. Today,I would like to persuade you that you should smile everyday.Ibelieve that smiling is important in our life because it is good for our health,important for us to build relationships and it can influence people.First, smiling is good for our health. Smile helps us to live longer.

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 Smile releases stress, helps the heart function, and keepsour healthy longer. In 2011, a study in Proceedings of the National Academy ofSciences entitled ‘Positive affect measured using ecological momentaryassessment and survival in older men and women” found that older people whoweren’t happy with their life had nearly twice the risk to be died in the nextfive years compared to happier people. Despite factors like illness, finances and depression, happierpeople still can reduce 35% risk of death.  Another research on baseball players conducted by E. L.

Abel and M. L. Kruger in 2010 was published in the journal PsychologicalScience suggests that the wider your smile, the longer you may live.

    Onaverage, the players with no smile lived for 72.9 years, and those with fullsmiles can lived until 79.9 years. That is an overall difference of seven yearsof life between those players that don’t and those who like to smile. Next,smiling slows the heart rate and relaxes the body.  Thislets our heart work more smoothly.  Smilingcan reduce the production of stress hormone – cortisol.  Smilingreleases endorphins to increase blood flow and lower blood pressure.

 In anarticle published in MNT – Hourly Medical News in 2012, Catharine Paddockstated that people who smile and laugh often are less likely to develop heartdisease, diabetes, and strokes than those who consider themselves unhappy.Secondly, smiling is important for us to build relationships. Smiling helps us to make more friends.  Smiling makes us be more approachable, personable, and reliable. Psychology has shown that smiling makes us more attractiveto others.  This is because smile is an inviting facial expressionwhich releases tension and makes people feel comfortable around each other.

 A smile tells people we are willing to talk and interactwith them.  People are more willing to engage socially with others whoare smiling and someone they think are friendly.  According to a 2015 study in Springer’s journal Motivationand Emotion, Belinda Campos of theUniversity of California, US stated that ‘If you want to strike up a newrelationship, simply smile.’  Next, smiling helps to develop positive work relationships. Always greet to our partners with a smile can get closewith them.

 Smile is the first thing that breaks down barriers between people. Smiling lets us to get help from others easily.  They are more really to work and solve the problemstogether with us.

 In the article entitled ‘Be Happy in your Work: The Role ofPositive Psychology in Working with Change and Performance’ which was publishedin Journal of Change Management in 2016, M.S. Allen & P. J. McCarthy stated that a positive work relationship isimportant to create a comfortable environment to work and this increases workperformance.

Inconclusion, I believe that smiling is important in our life. Everyone shouldsmile everyday.Wenow know the powerful of smile that is good for our health, important to buildrelationships and it can influence people.Iwill end my speech with a quote ‘Smiling makes you and others feel better, andit makes you look younger’ by Marie Helvin, a famous American fashion model. Thankyou.


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