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Healthy alternatives to Soda and Fizzy drinksWhenever you’re out and thirsty, what do you reach formost of the times? Do you buy a water bottle or just replace it with a chilledsoda can? The later one, I know. This carbonated, sweetened, artificially flavoreddrinks are so damn popular that people tend to miss the dark side of the tastydrink.

Aside from containing sugaror corn syrup, they also contain preservatives and colorings. Soda or fizzydrinks are just sugarcoated health hazards in shiny packaging. Theover-consumption of sodas is related to obesity, hypertension, type-IIdiabetes, dental caries and low nutrient levels. The most commonly availablesodas also contain caffeine, the over consumption of which causes anxiety andsleep deprivation. The most popular preservative, sodium benzoate, has been,researched upon by University of Sheffield, and they found that there’s a goodchance sodium benzoate causes hyperactivity and damages DNA. According to http://journals.

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order now,repeated consumption of colas causes hypokalemia, a condition where potassiumlevels in your body becomes extremely low. The colas and sodas generallyavailable contain high concentration of simple carbohydrates and simple sugars.If the bacteria in our mouth ferment the carbohydrate, acids are formed thatdissolves the tooth enamel and promotes dental decay. This increases the riskof dental caries.

According to American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention/Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism2013 Scientific Sessions by researchers at the HarvardSchool of Public Health, sugar-sweetened liquid refreshments may be the causeof 180,000 deaths per year, globally. Scared much?Thinking about alternatives to sodas and fizzy drinks? Fret not, ’cause I’mhere to write about some healthy and tasty drinks that aren’t hazardous at all!Read on to find out how you can make yourself a delicious yet healthy beveragethat would both quench your thirst and please your tastebuds!  The healthy alternatives you’ve been waitingfor  I am about to reveal some fresh and natural recipes foralternatives that you would like better than those sodas and colas. Devoid ofartificial flavorings and sweeteners, these will provide you with nutrients andyour required body energy. If you are on a healthy diet, these drinks willdefinitely help you out in losing a few extra pounds.

A few ingredients arenatural anti-oxidants, which is just an added bonus, really! Try out these 100%natural, refreshing recipes for drinks that will blow your mind.  Lemon Mint TeaThis recipe is myown favorite go-to recipe every time I something fresh and cool to drink. Itis, really easy to make and serves its purpose quite nicely.  Add 5­-6 teabagsin boiling water and let it seep for, like, 15-20 minutes. If you want tosweeten, your tea, just add a tablespoon of honey.

Now discard the teabagswithout squeezing, as this tends to make the tea bitter. Finally, combine thiswith cold water and fresh mint leaves and refrigerate. Serve over freshly cutelemon slices and ice.  You can try outthis recipe with your favorite blend of tea.

If you do not want to add anysweeteners then try out the fruit-flavored tea blends like mango, peach orpassion fruit. They will naturally make your tea sweet.  CoconutWater Coconut water is an excellent choice, if you’re lookingfor something that would keep you hydrated and which is low in carbohydrates.

Its high potassium content makes it a superb drink for lowering blood pressure.(Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm. is, also known to avert cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, coconut water contains both magnesium andcalcium that work together to reduce stress and help us stay calm.  The best way to enjoy coconut water is from a fresh greencoconut. Packaged coconut water is not always 100% natural.

Once you break openthe coconut, you will have to store the water in a cold, dry place, probably ina refrigerator. The water needs to be, consumed, within 3-5 days. The next bestchoice is cold-pressured coconut water. It is, only slightly processed by highpressure to kill all the bacteria while retaining its natural level ofnutrients and mineral.

Avoid coconut water with added flavors or addedsweeteners. They are not good for health at all.  AppleKombuchaKombucha is a fermented black tea drink that is speciallyknown, for its health benefits. Kombucha helps bring down inflammation. Thefermentation of black tea produces new anti-oxidants like glucaric acid, whichthe black tea generally lacks. (Source: https://www. beverage promotes healthy gut and averts stomach ulcers.

Kombucha, also,helps in controlling diabetes, sustaining a healthy liver and to regulatecholesterol, naturally.  Below, I am providing a recipe for Apple Kombucha drink.  Drop ice into a glass and pour limejuice over it.

Add 2-3wedges of lime and fresh mint leaves. Now, pour a bottle of kombucha in it.Your drink is ready.  Fruit Juice with SeltzerIf you, miss the sodas too much try out this recipe.  Add ½ a cup of apple juice and cherry juice with ½ cup ofseltzer water and drink it immediately. If you leave it out in the open, thefizzy will not last.

So, you have to drink it pretty quickly. I am providing another recipe of fruit juice with seltzerwater. This one is my personal favorite.  Make juice of a whole orange, ginger and lemon.

Addseltzer water. Stir a bit and drink up!  MilkNow hear me outbefore you throw me under the train. I am not asking you to drink just plainmilk (although that’s a healthy option too!); I am providing you with flavoredmilk recipes that do no harm whatsoever.  Chocolate Milk: Add 1-2 teaspoons of cocoa powder in warmmilk to make chocolate flavored milk. If you want a shake, add a bit of choppedbananas and 2 frozen coconut cream cubes and blend.  Spicy Milk: Pour, honey in a glass. Boil milk untilsmall bubbles appear.

Remove from heat and add cloves and cinnamon. Cover itwith a lid and let it steep for about half an hour. Then, put the milk back onheat and bring it to boil. Remove cloves and pour hot milk in a blender, untilit is halfway full. Blend it on high speed for half a minute. Pour this intothe honey-filled glass.

Stir the milk to dissolve the honey. Garnish withchopped almonds and serve.  LemonadeLemonade is a pretty, well known refreshment in everyhousehold. I am, too, no stranger to lemonade. It is, really easy, to make andtastes quite good.  So here is a simple lemonade recipe. Keep juicing lemons until you have 2 cups of lemon juice.

Add water and sweetener. You can sweeten it with honey or agave, if you aretrying to avoid sugar. Finally, add ice and your drink is ready.  Iced CoffeeThis is one of the tastiest drinks that I have evertasted. When you order this drink outside, you get a large dollop of addedsugars and preservatives and coloring and God know what! So why not make thedrink yourself at home? You can avoid the extra calories, if you avoid drinkingthe costlier options that are so easily available. Here is a low calorie iced coffee recipe.  Mix espresso powder and hot water and pour it in ablender. Leave it like that for a minute or two.

Add chopped bananas, milk andhoney to it. Cover with a lid and blend until you get a smooth consistency.Slowly, add ice and blend until you get your desired consistency. Sprinkle withcinnamon or you can add caramel sauce if you like.  Fresh fruit juice When I say fruit juice, I mean juice that you make athome with real fruits.

Only and only with real fruits nothing else. The sugarsyrups that are marketed as ‘natural fruit juice’ are not right for yourhealth.  Make sure you first wash all the fruits with warm waterbecause they are, grown in fields laden with pesticides and insecticides, whichare very poisonous.  My favorite kind of fruit juice is apple juice, and I amabout to share my mom’s recipe here.  Mom always uses apples that are low in acid content likeFuji apples or Juliet etc. Wash the apples, spray vinegar on them and keep themaside for like, 5-6 minutes. Then rub them with sea salt and wash them again.

Cut the apples into small pieces and remove the seeds and the core. Drop theminto the blender and add a few pieces of chopped ginger, juice of half a lemon,one cup of orange juice (or any other juice you want), and a pinch of salt andholy basil or mint leaves. Pass the blend through a strainer and serveimmediately.  Vegetable Juice These are the lesser known and lesser-loved variety ofjuice. Nobody chooses vegetable juice over fruits.

Unless of course you are ahealth freak, in which case, good going! Nevertheless, let me tell you, thatvegetable juices are not just nutritious they are very delicious too. Let megive you some recipes so that you can decide for yourself.  Put peeled cucumbers, hearts of romaine lettuce, choppedapple without the core and seeds, celery and half a peeled lemon into thejuicer.

You can drink it immediately or you can store it in an airtight masonjar.  Pour three cups of washed spinach, one lemon (peeled ifdesired), one pear, one apple (core and seeds removed) and one cucumber in thejuicer. Drink immediately.  Put purple kale, head red cabbage, red beet, two carrots,one 1-inch ginger and one lemon in the juicer.

Blend well and drink up. Thisdrink does remind me of Borscht, which is a traditional Russian beet soup.  Detox WaterDetox water is what we call water infused with fruits andvegetables. It is a healthy drink and cleanses the body of the unwanted toxinsand wastes.  Making it is pretty simple. Just cut the desired fruitsand vegetables, drop in a pitcher or mason jar, and fill half of it with iceand the rest half with water. Let in infuse in the refrigerator for an hour.You can drink this throughout the day.

 If you want to know more about detox water and theirrecipes, check out this article – Cranberry PunchI discovered this drink while visiting one of the uncleswho has diabetes.

My aunt served this to everyone and good God was it tasty! Ithas zero fat and as you can guess, harmless for people with diabetes.  Bubble cranberry juice below boiling point with cinnamonand nutmeg. Then chill it, mix with sparkling water, and serve.  ConclusionThe most noticeable effect of sodas or fizzy drinks isthe weight gain. One of the lead causes of obesity is over-consumption ofartificially sweetened, sugary colas.  If you are thinking that you will just replace yourordinary sodas with diet sodas then stop right there. This is a misconception.Diet sodas do not help you in any way.

The sugar-substitutes that are presentin diet sodas confuse the body. They trigger insulin, which puts your body onfat-reserve mode and ultimately leads to weight gain.  Drinking diet sodas regularly in associated withincreasing the chances of type-II diabetes. According to a study by theUniversity of Minnesota, consuming diet sodas per day was, related with a 36%rise in the risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Metabolic syndrome illustrates a group of conditions(including high blood pressure, elevated glucose levels, raised cholesterol,and large waist circumference) that put people at high peril for heart disease, diabetes andstroke.   Other risks of diet sodas include migraines andheadaches, depression and tooth erosion.

All in all, diet sodas might notprovide you with any extra calories but will do you much harm in exchange forthat.  The above-mentioned recipes of iced tea, iced coffee,lemonade, fruit juice, vegetable juice, detox water and punch – are allimmensely healthy besides being tasty. They will provide you with essentialnutrients that you need to stay healthy.  So, try one of these recipes today and let me know whichone you liked best! Until the, stay healthy and abort those sodas!


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