Healthy Teen Network Essay

The Healthy Teen Network is an organization that offers assistance to teenagers as a specific population. The main focus of the organization, however, is to lead the advocacy of supporting teenagers by addressing their needs and concerns regarding teenage pregnancy and parenting. (Healthy Teen Network, 2008a) The mission and vision of the organization is to empower the adolescent population by keeping them in control, through knowledge acquisition and further training.

The organization believes that these steps would result to teenagers who are knowledgeable and socially aware, leading them to make the right choices and decisions when it comes to issues related to teenage pregnancy and parenting. Moreover, Healthy Teen Network aims to work with other groups and organization that supports the same advocacy in order to provide comprehensive resources to the adolescent population. (Healthy Teen Network, 2008b)Members of the organization, such as the board of directors and staff, the address of the organization in Baltimore, Maryland, and contact numbers (phone and fax numbers) were indicated in one of the web pages. E-mail addresses of different contact persons for specific concerns were also published.

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The domain name of the website, which is .org provided for by, as well as comprehensive information regarding the nature and image of Healthy Teen Network, and the list of groups and organizations that support Healthy Teen Network, make the website a trusty reference site or authority regarding teen pregnancy and parenting. Moreover, information contained in the website was objective, not leaning towards a particular agenda, except for its goals, objectives, mission, vision, and values. There was not any form of online advertisements present in the site, suggesting the possibility that Healthy Teen Network is a profit-oriented organization.  Although the organization does charge membership fees, and also some of the features in the website, such as the publications, resource materials, etc.

, were limited to members, brings Healthy Teen Network at a disadvantageous position. Moreover, the currency of information is unidentifiable as the exact date or year of website updates and copyright is not indicated. However, there are no broken links in the website so perhaps, the website is being maintained and updated regularly.Young Positive Pregnancy/Parenting Online – http://www.yppo.

com            Young Positive Pregnancy/Parenting Online or YPPO is run by an individual whose interest and passion is geared towards supporting young parents and teenagers who are expecting. The objective of the website is to inform pregnant teens and parents on how to take care of themselves and their children. The author revealed she got pregnant at a young age, so with her personal experiences, she wants to create an informational and educational website which fits the unique and often disregarded needs and concerns of young parents and pregnant teens. She compares professional websites who relate information under the stereotypical context of young parents or teens who belong to a complete family, employed, etc.            Although the author did not introduce herself, she wrote a biography of past experiences including personal information. A list of trainings, classes, and workshops that she attended from 1998 up to 2006, related to childbirth education, child care, parenting, etc.

, were included in her biography. Her contact number and e-mail address can be found in another website she operates. YPPO is a .com site, since it is operated by an individual, and not related to any server or website operator. Upon visiting the website, an invitation to host the website can be seen.

Regarding objectivity, I would have to say that the information contained in the website does not conform to a neutral or detached nature since most of it are written by the author and, as mentioned, are based on her experiences as a young mother. The website was updated recently – January 2008. One of the good things about the website is that it does not collect fees for information that can be read from it. Moreover, there are features or sections in the website such as a chat room for mothers, fathers, etc.            If I am faced with a situation wherein a teen client wants to ask assistance in looking for online support regarding keeping and raising the baby, I probably would recommend both websites.

It actually depends on the situation of the client, such as availability of resources (membership fees and membership renewal). For a client who can afford to pay for membership fees and renewals, it is best to join the Healthy Teen Network, because of the fact that they are tied up with different groups and organizations who concentrate their efforts on supporting young parents and pregnant teens. This means full access to comprehensive information and resources, as well as unlimited assistance regarding pregnancy and parenting. For a client who cannot afford to pay for membership fees and renewals, visiting YPPO is a good choice since it offers information regarding pregnancy, child care, and even decisions regarding sexual activities, on a more personal and compassionate approach.ReferencesHealthy Teen Network. (2008). “About Us.

” Retrieved June 13, 2008, Website:{C3C1DBE9-65D2-43E1-98CB-72BDDFB71591}Healthy Teen Network. (2008b). “Our Mission, Vision, and Values.

” Retrieved June 13, 2008,from Website:

asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC=%7BB4F1D3BF-0C5D-4FBF-AFFC-244A9C1FAAF1%7DHeaven Sent Birth Services. (2008). “Contact.

” Retrieved June 13, 2008, from

            Website:, Jim.

(1998). “Teaching undergrads WEB evaluation: A guide for library instruction.”C&RL News: 522-523. Retrieved June 13, 2008, from Cornell University Library. Website: 


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