Health Foods Essay

Persuasive EssayMy persuasive speech is going to be on making the argument that what people seem to think of as this super healthy food is sometimes worse for you than you may think. My job during this time that I am speaking is to maybe not persuade you what to eat and what not to eat because at the end of the day everyone has a mind of their own and they’re going to do their own thing or as they please anyways, but I plan to just maybe give you a different outlook on the things you eat and what people call “healthy”.First things first, just how healthy do you think the “health” food that you guys put on such a high pedestal when it comes to healthy living actually is? Would you still consider it health food if you were to find out that the food you so greatly appreciate and use so often were in fact not as healthy as the sellers and companies make it seem. For example granola which a lot of people substitute a lot of foods for breakfast for has more sugar in it than it does fiber and one granola bar normally has at least 600 calories in it. It still is a good substitute for other foods and a good for you but it’s not as good for you as the “health experts” make it seem.

Another example would be that wonderful drink that a lot of people find so healthy and tasty called “Vitamin Water”. This drink to me is one of the unhealthiest “health foods” that there are. The drink has just as much sugar as a coke. Its virtually just sugar water so think about that next time you buy it before or after or during a workout, “Drinking this would basically be like drinking a coke”.

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My last argument on this health food subject is that almost all foods that say “reduced fat” have more carbs, sodium, and sugars, than that of the original version of the food that you are eating. So take peanut butter for an example, regular peanut butter may be said to have more trans-fat but when they put the label “reduced fat” on the label all they are actually doing is taking out that and adding more sodium and carbs an sugars to keep the taste but in all the sugars and sodium they add adds more fat to the food than the original version.In conclusion the argument im trying to make is that all health foods aren’t always as healthy for you as people make them seem. There are a lot of “health foods” that are actually pretty unhealthy for you.

Another case that could be made for this is don’t always believe what you read on the labels. As companies can just write anything on the labels to draw in buyers. They could write that there’s no trans-fat in a product but instead of using actual trans-fat they substitute the trans-fat with another ingredient that’s just as bad if not worse for you.


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