Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Health and Safety Unit 3 Assignment 1 Essay

Health and Safety Unit 3 Assignment 1 Essay

Unit 3 Assignment 1 M2 There are many risks within a hospital; these can be risks to the staff, patients and visitors. Therefore, I completed a risk assessment on a hospital.

One of the risks I identified were the obstacles such as wheel chairs, medical equipment, bins and bags. Obstacles are a risk because people may trip over them for example. People who can be harmed by obstacles in the way are the staff, patients and visitors.This is a risk because if for example a member of staff such as a nurse is in a rush to go see to a patient, she may not realise that there is a bin in the middle of the room and trip and break her ankle. This could also happen to a patient or a visitor. Another risk that I identified was infection.

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In hospitals there will be people in there with infections that are contagious, also people will in there may be more vulnerable to infections. People who could be at risk are the staff, patients and visitors. For example, a person who is suffering from cancer and has just been through chemotherapy would have a very weak immune system.Therefore, if a member of staff has been with someone who has an infection and they then come and touch the cancer patient, they patient could become seriously ill. Another risk within the hospital that I identified was wet floors. Wet floors can be a hazard as they can cause harm to the staff, patients and visitors.

It’s a risk to staff, patients and visitors because if they are unaware the floor is wet they may slip over and really hurt themselves and this could also affect them emotionally as they may be in shock.Furthermore, is it happens to a member of stay they may need time off because of their injury. Furthermore, another risk that I identified was electrical equipment. Hospitals are full of electrical equipment like medical equipment and even televisions, and it is important that they are working properly.

If the electrical equipment is faulty this hazard will affect the staff and patients; it may even affect visitors. If for example the wiring for an electrical bed or something is faulty it could cause a fire and maybe even give someone an electric shock.Meanings that the staff and patients will be harmed and so will the visitors. Another risk that I identified was fire hazards. Fire can be very dangerous so is a very big hazard. Fire can affect everyone within the hospital like patients, staff and visitors it will also damage all the equipment. Fire is really dangerous because it can seriously harm people and it could even kill someone. This could also have a damaging affect on the staff, patients and visitors emotional well being.

Finally, one more risk I identified within the hospital was manual handling. Manual handling is when a person is lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and lowering. People who are at risk are staff mainly because they have to carry equipment and move patients who are unable to move themselves. It could also affect visitors as they may try to move a patient or piece of equipment. This is a hazard because if they are not if for example lifting a person in the correct way they may damage their back and neck and maybe their arms and legs.