Health And Safety Policies And Systems Report Business Essay

Health and Safety ( H & A ; S ) has non been a critical component in StrathgammonEstate Group Ltd ( SEG ) and its subordinate companies. This has resulted in the growing of a negative H & A ; S civilization in the whole administration This civilization is a consequence of many old ages of disregarding the importance of H & A ; S, no proper communicating channels among a company and companies as a whole, no cardinal runing squad to oversee the H & A ; S in the group, no allotment in of H & A ; S in concern determinations, deficiency of equal engagement of the senior direction in the cultivation of a positive H & A ; S civilization.Research and analysis has been conducted in several companies and by international criterions we seem to be in the Reactive phase, that is, 2nd to last and this concludes that a more in deepness surveies have to be done, by a dedicated squad and bring forth their determination for immediate action by the board.The consequences obtained are equal for a proposed program to be put in topographic point and estimated ends to be realised. Our fist docket been, the proposing of a new H & A ; S slogan – Health and Safety is a manner of life in Strathgammon Estate Group Ltd. This will give a definite end in which the direction and the work force can work every bit one to be achieved in a span of three old ages, with first fruits realised after two old ages.

The initial cost and attempts needed to accomplish the Generative civilization will be significant but after the mark has been achieved, the civilization will be self driven/sustaining roll uping to greater salvaging in the times to come – accurate estimations will be given one time the proposed program is in consequence.The economic benefits of a ego prolonging H & A ; S extend from less insurance premiums, better productiveness among workers – as they feel cared for, better repute among clients and possible clients, repeated concern from clients, reduced overall costs in concern determination as there are few accidents, less menace of judicial proceeding, and avoiding undertaking hold or cancellations.It should be noted that H & A ; S civilization may non be the same across all the parts of a big administration such as SEG and this study communicates “ minimal acceptable criterions ” across all concern sectors of SEG and appropriate stairss should be established for the civilizations of the specific concern units selected.Our research suggests that for the 3 twelvemonth mark to be achieved, there are immediatesteps that need to be put in topographic point.Establish a dedicated squad to describe to the CEO and Senior Management, immediate appointing of representatives in each company, immediate preparation to direction and work force on basic H & A ; S protocols, and compulsory H & A ; S initiation on new members, immediate communicating to the clients ‘ of the proposed H & A ; S steps and reappraisal of the above in the first four months, and 2nd reappraisal before the board study after four more months.The freshly proposed motto and a the suggested Generative civilization should pass on and backup by the Board, Senior Management and the Managers in a span of 8 months, where we have predicted that a positive ambiance will be reached, and the whole administration will hold reached a H & A ; S adulthood to to the full understand and appreciate the kernel of achieving that end.

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After the reappraisal of the board, they should communicate/publish their consequences and follow the proposed H & A ; S motto.


2.1 This study has been created for Thomas Neville – Chief executive officer, and the Senior Management of StrathgammonEstate Group Ltd ( SEG ) , to foreground the menace, importance, execution and practical application every bit good as sustainability of positive Health and Safety ( H & A ; S ) Culture.

2.2 This study is aimed at analyzing the current H & A ; S Protocols in SEG and their aims and policies, and reappraisal and communicate suggested systems and methods that can be practical, economical and be successfully implemented, followed upon, monitored and revised on the Parent company – and its subordinate companies.2.3 We shall place the economic benefits and potency of a positive H & A ; S civilization to single companies every bit good as a group and how a positive H & A ; S civilization will successfully act upon straight and indirectly the accomplishment of Revenue Goals and Targets, set by SEG board and Senior Management and efficaciously pass on the consequences to the stockholders.2.4 The Major economic benefits of accommodating a positive H & A ; S civilization to single companies can be summarised as:Better repute for corporate duties among investors, clients and possible clients and communitiesIncreased productiveness among the employees, by been healthier, happier and better motivated.Improvedstanding among providers and spousesReduced costs and decreased hazards employee absence and turnover rates are lower, accidents are fewerThe menace of legal action is lessenedAvoiding Loss of clip in undertakings due to probes or even complete fillet of undertakingLower insurance premiumsAvoiding Equipment harm or lossAvoiding Certification CancellationLoss of working yearss which result to loss of grossAdditionally, the study will warrant the targeted environment where the freshly proposed H & A ; S Slogan – Health and Safety is a manner of life in Strathgammon Estate Group Ltd, will be applicable.


H & A ; S is a tool put in topographic point to pave manner for a smooth running of the concern with maximal efficiency, at the same clip keeping equilibrium of legal and moral criterions to the administrations direction, work force, works and community.

H & A ; S when incorporated into the concern it evolutes into a Culture – Culture may be defined as the attitudes, values and beliefs that underpin “ the manner we do things in here ” .H & A ; S civilization should be an built-in portion of the administration ‘s civilization, values and public presentation standards.A positive H & A ; S civilization is chiefly sustained by trust, credibleness and behaviour chiefly of senior leaders.Failure to include H & A ; S as a key concern hazard in board determinations can hold negative gross and non- gross consequences.

The chief menaces being loss of life, loss of gross, loss of credibleness in the market, loss of enfranchisement, hold or complete halt of the undertaking, no perennial concern, legal action, high insurance premiums,Which can be contributed due to, pour communicating of H & A ; S values, hiring of incompetent employees, deficiency of direction committedness to H & A ; S, no cardinal H & A ; S disposal among the group among others.With a positive H & A ; S civilization all this menaces can be minimised. To accomplish this we need to analyze our current H & A ; S civilization and attempt and work on advancing a civilization that takes advantage of the full potency of H & A ; S.There are five internationally recognised H & A ; S cultures as illustrated in the figure 1.0Figure 1.0Figure 1.0 represents the different degrees of H & A ; S Cultures.

From initial phase ( Pathological ) to to the full maturate ego driven ( Generative ) H & A ; S civilization.From initial surveies and research performed by the freshly appointed H & A ; S squad, we found out that SEG is in the Reactive Phase.This was concluded after sing several independent companies and placing what their positions, perceptual experience and precedence they gave to H & A ; S.Case one: in Neville Construction Ltd 2009 human death, after initial probes by H & A ; S functionaries they pointed “ pour civilization of Health and Safety ” and made “ 15 recommendations to better the state of affairs ” .Case two: in PNJ Ltd, there is a work force of 85 been supervised by one individual – Harry Soamers, who is a member of the board in the company.

Case Three: in the Production layout of the lumber works, there is no fire system or fire protocol in topographic point, in an environment where there is a flammable stuff – Timber/wood.Case four: in Kessner Waldpodukt GmbH there were merely two people oversing a work force of 20 two, a Manager and an helper director.This among other surveies highlighted a negative H & A ; S civilization in SEG, therefore necessitating an immediate alteration of H & A ; S protocols and systems.For an effectual alteration we should undertake this from the roots, a H & A ; S civilization develops in phases, the foundation been enlightening and trust.It is non possible to better the civilization straight, alternatively it is necessary to work at bettering factors that can hold a positive influence on civilization like:Define clear lines between the acceptable and the unacceptable behaviours in the workplaceReward people who go beyond the normal and who may expose themselvesDevelop good safety wontsIncrease the sum of clip directors spend sing the workplace ( non justafter an accident )Improve directors non-technical accomplishments ( e.g.

communicating )Increase degrees of work force engagement in safety related jobs andsolutionsPromote good occupation satisfaction and moralPromote a ‘just civilization ‘ where incrimination is merely used where person takesreckless hazardsImplement a competency confidence plan to guarantee everyone throughout theorganization has the accomplishments they need to work safely.We shall measure the alteration of the H & A ; S atmosphere to a more positive by ;Visible direction committedness at all degrees in the organisation ;Good cognition and apprehension of wellness and safety throughout theOrganization ;Clear definition of the civilization that is desired.



The Reactive measure being a low degree of H & A ; S civilization, SEG should take at turning to the Generative civilization, which is a self goaded civilization.

With a clear end in topographic point, executions techniques should be introduced in stairss, and be closely monitored and revised to pin down the maximal potency of the SEG and its subordinate companies.Step one ; will be the most critical as, this will aim the Senior Management to incorporate a good H & A ; S direction to their concern determination devising. The Senior Management should to the full understand and appreciate the function of the H & A ; S civilization in the Organisation.They can get down by portraying a seeable, active committedness from the Board of Directors and Senior Management, to the lower direction by using H & A ; S in the concern determinations at single company levelthat is, Senior Management – Directors – Supervisors – Work force.

This can be achieved by – Monitoring, coverage and reexamining public presentation ;Accessing and following competent advice ;Measure two- engagingthe work force in the publicity and accomplishment of H & A ; S conditions through effectual “ upward ” communicating, that is, Workforce – Supervisors – Managers – Senior Management.This can be achieved by – affecting the Management with the work force in high quality H & A ; S preparation ;Identifying and pull offing H & A ; S hazards.Step three ; by achieving the coveted consequences in the parent company it can so be reflected positively and reasonably to the subordinate companies with minimal breaks on their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours concern,That can be attained by get downing to Provide H & A ; S preparation to all the SMT and Managers of single companies to advance understanding and cognition of H & A ; S end – integrating a ego suntanned, self goaded civilization to concern determinations.This will successfully be achieved by ;The presence of a SMT in the major preparation patterns can direct a strong signal that the issue is being taken earnestly and that its strategic importance is understood ;CEO delegating H & A ; S responsibilities to single companies managers ;Monthly studies of H & A ; S traveling from the directors to the Senior Managers to the CEO and the board for reappraisals ;After the Board have reviewed so we should use practical and efficient tools to accomplish the ends ;Use effectual Communication. This can take the signifier of meetings, seminars, distribution of circulars, electronic mail, verbal ;Provision of inducements to good boosters of H & A ; S on the work force ;Continuous ordinance and checking of the H & A ; S systems in topographic point ;Promoting subject in the work force ;Hiring of competent work force ;Having procurance criterions for goods, equipment and services can assist forestall the debut of expensive H & A ; S jeopardies.Measure four: the purpose of this measure will be prolonging the positive position of H & A ; S through Management systems and working into mounting to the following civilization boulder clay we reach the phase where H & A ; S is a “ living civilization ” and self driving entity to the company and therefore carry through the freshly proposed H & A ; S motto – Health and Safety is a manner of life in Strathgammon Estate Group Ltd.Management systems can be outlines as:Reporting system ;Performance Incentives systems ;Behaviour control systems ;H & A ; S communications policies and systems ;Risk control systemsManagement & A ; Control systems


When the Positive H & A ; S atmosphere turns into a positive environment in SEG, the H & A ; S squad can incorporate the H & A ; S civilization to the subordinates companies to run into the necessary needed ends.

This can be achieved by bring forthing Board estimation marks, obtained from the describing systems, and go throughing them along to the respective directors for analysis.Additionally, the board can set up a Group H & A ; S squad dedicated to the development, implementing and prolonging a positive H & A ; S civilization in SEG and the groups.This squad will so organize with single company ‘s safety squads and work towards obtaining a common end or carry throughing the freshly proposed H & A ; S Motto -Health and Safety is a manner of life in Strathgammon Estate Group LtdThe application of H & A ; S civilization will ensue to positive concern. This can be communicated to the portion holders in signifier of statistics based on: day-to-day, hebdomadal, monthly, quarterly and one-year studies generated for the boardThis will be as a consequence of better H & A ; S records that the client can reexamine and notice ensuing to better repute, addition productiveness and morale among employees, reduced costs and hazards on employee absence and turnover rate, reduced cost in legal actions, avoiding holds or arrests of undertakings or concern ventures, reduced insurance premiums, and keeping enfranchisements among others.With the statistics and studies in topographic point the stockholders can appreciate the importance of H & A ; S civilization, therefore beef uping their assurance in the direction and single concern ventures.


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