he movie. The writer focus on the

he main goals of this project is to know about any character development that experienced by the Lieutenant Dan character from the Forrest Gump movie and relation to psychoanalysis theory. In this project, the writer used several theory about psychological analysis such as Sigmund Freud psychoanalysis theory of the character about having Id, Ego, and Superego and The Big Five Personality theory. For the research method, this project is done by using qualitative method. The data for this project is taken from the dialogues in the movie.An individual’s character is that person’s collection of character traits, and these can be defined as relatively stable dispositions to think, feel, and behave in certain ways in certain situations. Those what make human diffrent from another living being from this planet. Another thing that make human separated from another creature is the abilities to behave accordingly to his/her surrounding or that commonly called moral.

 Human also is a unique creature. The abilities to adapt and react accordingly is one of the reason that they can survive and evolving until now. The abilities to adapt is starting to develop since human is born. The time when human learn to talk and walk also develop their unique characteristic that make them diffrent to one another.In this project, the writer interested to analyze how the character in the Forrest Gump movie is develop, especially the character of Lieutenant Dan Taylor. The movie Forrest Gump is a story of a man name Forrest Gump.

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His story background was during the war era,especially the Vietnam war between 50’s and the 70’s. Forrest Gump is a man with both physical and logical handicap. Along the way, he met with several unique character. One of it is Lieutenant Dan. Forrest met him when he was stationed in the army. The writer interested in the way the character developed throughout the movie and the way things go around the character until the end.

1.2 Problem FormulationThere are three problems the writer wants to find out and solved in this project. The three problems are:1. What are the significant development from the character Lieutenant Dan?2. What make Lieutenant Dan character change so much in the movie?1.3 Scope and Limitation The scope of this project is about analysis of character from the way he act and develop throughout the movie. The writer focus on the development of character named Lieutenant Dan from the Forrest Gump Movie (1994) by Robert Zemeckis.

The writer uses psychological character development theory from Sigmund Freud. The limitation of this project is the character development that the writer analyze only limited to Lieutenant Dan and not from another character that appear in the movie.3.

3 Goals and Function The goals of this project are:1. To know major character development from the Lieuteanant Dan character in the movie2. To know what make the character change his mindset through the movie according to Sigmund Freud theoryThe writer hopes that the reader who will read this project to know more about the character called Lieutenant Dan and what are his character development throughout the movie. The writer also hopes that the reader will know more about psychological development that happened not only for the character that appeared in  the movie, but also the theory can be implement to the development of human mind in general. ?CHAPTER 2LITERATURE REVIEW Psychoanalysis is a method of investigating the mind, and especially the unconscious mind. According to Freud (1923) he said that “the human mind comprising the entities id, ego, and superego (“the psychic apparatus”). These are not physical areas within the brain, but rather hypothetical conceptualizations of important mental functions”.

In his book he also said that the id operated at an unconscious level according to the pleasure principle (gratification from satisfying basic instincts). The id comprises two kinds of biological instincts (or drives) which Freud called Eros and Thanatos. The ego began to develops when human in the infant stage. In contrast of the id, the ego the reality principle as it operates in both the conscious and unconscious mind.

The superego develops during child stage. The superego urge human to behave appropiately during social interaction. Another theory that used to analyze about a certain characteristic is called The Big Five Personality theory. This theory had already been discussed from many researcher including Goldberg (1981), Smith (1967), and McCrae & Costa (1987). The main point of this theory is that the big five are various categories of human personality traits.

These traits are Conscientiousness, Openness, Extroversion, Neuroticism, and Agreeableness. 3.3.5 ConscientiousnessAccording to John & Srivastava (1999) Conscientiousness is a trait that can be described as a impulsive control of human emotion.

This trait also have a direct control of human can behave properly in social situation.3.3.5 Openness to ExperienceOpeness is a human abilities to willingly accept something new in their life.

This trait indicate how human want to try new things in their life and to think outside the box. According to John & Srivastava (1999) Openess describe complexity of a human mind.3.3.5 ExtroversionIs basically the combination of two categorization of human, Extrovert and Introvert. Extrovert people tend to be more energize and enjoy being with other people. Introvert people tend to shy away from social interaction and try to be quiet and disengaged with any kind of group activities.

3.3.5 NeuroticismNeuroticism is negative trait in human emotion. According to Lebowitz (2016) neurotic people tend to be temperamental and easily angered. Anyone who have low Neuroticism point tend to be more confident persone and sure of what they become.3.

3.5 AgreeablenessAgreeableness is a trait that represent of how human interact with other. Agreeableness is the opposite of Neuroticism,which mean this is a positive side of human emotion. People who have high Agreeableness point tend to be well liked and and gain respect from the other.3.

3 Previous Research There are already research done regarding this topic by Giovanny Mario (2013) entitled “Psychoanalysis and Biographical Analysis on the Main Character as Well as The Author of Sherlock Homes :A Study In Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” , he said that a character are driven by their psychological aspects to act accordingly with their own will. Also in his research entitled “Revealing Psychological State Using Freud’s Psychoanalysis Theory Towards The Character of Paul Conroy In Buried(2010) By Rodrigo Cortes”, Daniel Sapto Hanggoro (2014) said that facing diffrent kind of events in many situations leads human’s life to adapt and even overcome the problem. CHAPTER 3RESEARCH METHODIn this chapter, the writer will explain research method, the way how the data is collected and how to analyze the data. The reseach method consist of the data and the method of data analysis.3.1 MethodThe research method that used by the writer to complete this project is library research.

Library research provide some important information that the writer used in order to complete this project. In addition, the writer also have to watch the movie, and look closely to the main character to observe what can possibly change from the character trait start from the beginning of the film until the end. Also, the writer gather some of the data that needed for this project,such as theory and previous work, from the internet. The writer used qualitative method to gather the data for this project.3.

2 The DataThe material for data analysis that the writer is going to use in this project is character analysis about the Lieutenant Dan character that appear in the Forrest Gump movie (1994), a film directed by Robert Zemeckis. Forrest Gump is a America drama film based on novel written by Winston Groom and starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, and Gary Sinise. The movie begin with story of Forrest Gump, a boy who born and raised in small town in Alabama. Forrest Gump is a little bit different from any other kids. He have lower IQ than other kids and is unable to walk correctly because a condition on his spine. Growing up, Forrest met Jenny Curran, who become his first friend and later love interest.

Forrest live filled with so many unexpected encounter with many famous figures around the world because of his accidental doing. When he enlist in the army, Forrest Gump befriend a character named Lieutenant Dan Taylor. They work together in the same team and become best friend.

Their relation in this movie is unique because at the first time their meet,Lieutenant Dan only think Forrest Gump as his subordinate. But that will change as the movie goes. He will realized that Forrest Gump is just not his subordinate, but he will become his bestfriend because Forrest is still stand beside him and care about Lieutenant Dan despite what happened to him in this movie.

This film taught us about the power of believe and never giving up, and not to be looking down on other people who have disability. The reason why the writer choose this topic is because the writer is curious to know about the development that experienced by the character and whether the theory about psychoanalysis is true and can be proven in the film.3.3 Method of Data Analysis First, the writer want to analyze is is there any character development of the movie Forrest Gump based on the psychoanalysis theory. Second, the writer will find the material needed for this project, which is the movie Forrest Gump. Third, the writer will watch the movie and study the movie script from http://www.

imsdb.com/scripts/Forrest-Gump.html to see is there any character development and to analyze the character called Lieutenant Dan based on the psychoanalysis theory.

Finally, the writer will conclude the research about character development of Lieutenant Dan character based on the psychoanalysis theory . ?CHAPTER 4ANALYSIS AND RESULT In this chapter, the writer will try to analyse the character Lieutenant Dan from the Forrest Gump movie using Sigmund Freud theory and the big five theory and will give the results of his analysis in this chapter.4.1 Character Overview Lieutenant Dan is one of the character that appear in Forrest Gump movie. The movie introduce the character in the middle of the movie. He met Forrest Gump while he serve in the army when the Vietnam war occur.

At first, the character Lieutenant Dan described as someone who is very confident about himself and a very humorous person. In this movie, it revealed that Lieutenant Dan came from the tradional family who fought and died in the previous American war. At the Vietnam war, Lieutenant Dan was caught in cross fire and injured. His legs was forced to be amputated. Since then, he become a diffrent person and suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).4.2 Theory4.2.

1 Id Based on Sigmund Freud thoery that human have 3 stage of mind. There is Id,Ego, and Superego. The first one, Id, is basically based on a human pleasure principle. So, when Id want something, there are nothing that can stop it. In this movie, Lieutenant Dan is being told as someone who is descendant of family who fought and died in the war. So, his first intention is he must win the war, and protect his platoon. Even he prefer to die in the battle field,rather than survive it.

He believed that, he was destined to died in the Vietnam war,like his other ancestor. So when Forrest Gump rescued him, he became angry and resent Forrest for what he did, as Lieutenant Dan now has no purpose in his life. 4.2.2 Ego  The Ego is based on reality principle. It is Ego job to fulfill Id needs, while taking reality situation as consideration. Lieutenant Dan want to died in the Vietnam war. So as he survived the war, and become crippled rather than die, he resented the world and become a bitter person.

He started to do not believe in God..2.3 Superego  The Superego is moral part of human mind. It dictate our sense of right and wrong, and to control us about how we supposed to do in social interaction. As the movie goes, Forrest Gump decided to open a shrimp fishing company after the war. Lieutenant Dan promised him that, if Forrest bought a shrimping boat, he will become his frist mate. This prove that Lieutenant Dan is still care about Forrest and that he was a type of person who stay true about his own words.

Lieutenant Dan is still holding his view of God, as they failed to catch any single shrimp on their first day work together. But his attitude towards God and Forrest started to change when their fortune of shrimp fishing turned and they begin to catch a lot of shrimp. Lieutenant Dan start to appreciate Forrest for what he did in the war, and then cherish the fact the he is still alive.Near the end of the movie, his view about life change dramatically. He attended the wedding of Forrest and Jenny with a proud smile. He got a new leg, and met a girl who become his fiancee. .

3.1 Conscientiousness Conscientiousness take control of human emotion. In the first minute the movie introduce Lieutenant Dan, he describe as a humourous guy that care about his squad.

When his leg amputated and he was discharged from the army, he became a diffrent man. He start to not believing in god, his emotion become unstable, he started to drink and smoke, basically he does not care anymore about his own body. But at the end of the movie, he regain his will to live and appreciate of what he become.

4.3.2 Openess to Experience Lieutenant Dan propose a chance to be Forrest first mate on his new shrimp fishing company, despite having no experience in that field. He based his act only on his promise to Forrest and he keep his promise in the end.4.3.3 Extroversion  At the beginning he introduce to the movie, Lieutenant Dan seem to be a extrovert person.

He was full of energy and very vocal in voicing his opinion to his subordinate. The fact that he was the leader of his group may influence this side of him. As he became crippled through the war, he become a little bit introvert. He move to New York to live on his own and seemed to avoid social interaction when he can.4.3.

4 Neuroticism His temperament become worse during his time after the Vietnam war. He became more bitter and seemed to resent God. But this attitude worsened by the people around him who turn up to mock him whenever he go out.4.3.5 Agreeableness  When he met Forrest for the first time, Lieutenant Dan seem to be well respected around the camp.

Forrest even say it himself to hope not to let Lieutenant Dan down. As the story progress, people like to mock him because of his condition. At the end of his story, he seemed to made peace with himself and God and become a better person. ?CHAPTER 5CONCLUSION In this chapter, the character analysis of Lieutenant Dan will be concluded.

First, the character Lieutenant Dan has undergoing a character development througout the movie. At first, his character describe as a responsible leader of his team. He will do anything to finish his mission, even if sacrifice himself. Even though his original plan is to die in this war, Forrest Gump save him at the price of his amputated leg. From this point on, his character began a major turn over his attitude. But his attitude change can be understood, considering he was one of the few survivor of the war and come home disable.

At the end he realize that he lives is valuable, and become a better person. Seceond, his character analysis based on psychoanalysis theory. Lieutenant Dan have the character trait matching of Id, Ego, Superego and the big five theory.

His action matching the features of Id, as he want originally to die in the war, but his Ego must accept that he live and for Superego he try to fixing up his life in order to live normally.


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