Having determined by the judgment made by

Having an ability to make sound judgment is one of thecrucial assets of a leadership.

The ability of making good decisions andexercising it is driven by an individual’s own set of values and deeply heldvalues of what is right and wrong. These values guide leaders in their actions.According to Deakin (2011), leaders make their judgment based on their twosubsets of values; one that guide towards to pursue their own individualinterests and another one that guide towards pursuing collective interest.  The importance of judgment call in leadershipis highly important as the leaders have the ability to influence the lives andlivelihood of others. An organization’s success and failure is determined bythe judgment made by the leaders.             According to Tichy and DeRose (2008),judgment grows out of process and this process resides in one of three domains:people, strategy and crisis.

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The ability of getting the right people on theteam demonstrates a good judgment and the same people helping to make thedecisions during the crisis make a good strategy judgment. One of the mostimportant elements in judgment process is “redo loop” which means anopportunity to try again if a step was or skipped or handled poorly (Tichy & Bennis, 2007). A leader can tryagain to fix mistakes if a leader has good judgment and continuously attemptsto self-correct by using redo loops.

            According to Tichy and Bennis(2008), good leadership prepares for a judgment by making a habit of sensing,framing and aligning the issues. Judgment is a dynamic process in which even ifthe problem is addressed for that time it does not necessarily go away. Itcould re-occur in various other forms and a leader has to be alert anddetermined to handle (Shotter & Tsoukas, 2014). Shotter andTsouckas (2014), used the example of the case. Oslon made a successful judgmentby making Millar resign for his unacceptable behavior of harassing an employee.But the crisis took over in a new form as Millar went to a local newspaper tocriticize Oslon and Board members. According to Bhatta (2013), Phronesis is amoral and intellectual virtue rooted in a natural and human capacity, to do theright thing at right place, at right time in right way.

In conclusion to thiscase, Oslon took the judgment which was right at time in a right way as shepersonally investigate the case of harassment against Millar and at the sametime she saved the reputation of her organization too.              Judgment as a process can be brokeninto three phases; preparation, the call and execution (Tichy & DeRose, 2008). The process ofpreparation includes sensing or identifying the issues, gathering the data andframing it and lastly, mobilizing it with key stakeholders. Judgment call is anultimate act of leadership as it determines the organization’s failure andsuccess. Execution is the factor that makes the call happen.

When the leadermakes a call, a leader mobilizes the resources available to support it. When aleader makes a decision people remember it more as an outcome aside from thegood intentions, hard-work and enthusiasm. This outcome should be the result ofa well-considered process, reflecting collective wisdom and commitment toresults (Tichy & DeRose, 2008).             Itis not possible to make the right call every time for the leaders. Along theprocess, the most effective leaders could make a successful judgment calls atthe times when it counts the most. To be an effective leader, it is essentialto have an ability to accept the mistakes. Even though mistakes happen, aleader could work to make a right judgment call that favors all the followers.



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