Have to examine your current web hosting;

Have you ever wondered why people keep buying stuffs from your competitor’s website? Does he/she have better products/service than yours? Guess what, the quality of products/service is part of the story; great e-commerce platform, professional images, convenient payment process and creative marketing campaign are the ways to win over customers. With a list of 8 simple tactics, boosting your online sales figure by 50% is not a dream anymore. 1.     Run your website smoothlyHow many times did you close a tab because of loading time?  Do you want to shop in a crashing website? With numerous of e-commerce websites, your customers will just go to another one.

The response time depends on the first byte load-in times, image size, content caching and the use of content delivery network. Keep checking your website on Google Insights test is one way to examine your current web hosting; if it is red then you really need to work on it. Change the web hosting, resize pictures, use cloud data service like Google Cloud to host your website are some solutions for a high-speed website.2.     Be a mobile-friendly storeYour customers do not only check your shop in PC, laptops, they also do in mobile and tablets. Build a mobile application is great but not compulsory for everyone. Rather than that, mobile optimization should be the priority. Google Mobile Test will let you know how your website work on mobile device.

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3.     Secure and safety first!Leaked information is the worst nightmare in the 21st century. Keep your scripts up to date, show that HTTPS, URLs in your pages, stay with SSL certificate and your customer will know that their information is protected.4.

    Invest on highly solution imagesNo matter how good your products are, the customers will not click on bad quality images. Use a proper camera to take the product pictures from every angle or even hire a photographer to do it, the pictures will be used in your website and other marketing materials.5.     Flexible in payment optionWhen your customers are willing to give you their money, you should make it as convenient as possible for them to do it.

Visa, American Express, MasterCard are not enough, now we have Paypal, Delta, Laser and more. It will be harder in website optimization to include many payment methods but the checkout friction will be reduced and apparently, online sales will go up in the long run.6.     Give out freebiesLet’s admit it, we all love freebies. The more you give away for free, the more favorable your brand will receive.

You do not have to give away $100 product to please your customer, small things such as free sample, mini size products, free next day delivery for every order in limited time will encourage customer to buy more than you think.7.     Engage on social mediaYour customers live on social media and you should, too. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus … are tools to build your brand awareness and fanbase. It is the fastest way to answer all your customer’s questions about your products/service. The more attention your potential customers get from you, the more they are likely to buy.

How did you feel when you mentioned your brand on social media and they responded to you personally? It is also the way to build brand loyalty.8.      The amazing follow up emailOn average, one person may receive thousand emails per day.

How does your email stand out from the rest? You need a personalized and automated email software for customer database. By following your customer and analyzing their behavior, the software will send emails such as: suggested products “We think you will love them”, uncompleted checkout process “You forgot something on your cart”. These emails keep your customer in the loop and show that you may understand your customer needs and want more than they do.      They are 8 easy tips you can apply for your store. All the tactics aims at bringing better experience for your customer in your e-shop, apparently boosting the online sales revenues. We are open to discussion so feel free to reach us by email or on Facebook, Twitter.

      Have a good day and Happy selling with Beeketing!


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