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Harriet Tubman was a Civil rights activist, Women’s suffragist, abolitionist, and Upstander, who helped many enslaved bodies escape from slavery.  Harriet Tubman was born Araminta Ross on March 10, 1821 to Harriet and Benjamin Ross.

Growing up in Dorchester County, Maryland, she was born into slavery as a nursemaid for children. Ross would stay awake all night, to make sure the children wouldn’t wake the parents, if she fell asleep she would face whipping. Early on, Ross knew she wanted to establish freedom and escape slavery.  As a teen, Ross was asked to assist on a whipping towards another young man. She declined the offer, and when the young man tried to escape, the master picked up an iron weight and threw it towards him. The young man dodged the iron, and it hit Ross.

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The weight of the iron destroyed her skull and she was unconscious for days. She suffered from Epilepsy for the rest of her life. One symptom of her disorder was visions, she believed she received visions from God.

 In 1844, Ross married a black-man from which then took his last name. She also changed her first name, to her mother’s maiden name, Harriet.  In 1849, Tubman decided to run away with her brothers to Pennsylvania worried that she and the other slaves on the plantation were going to be sold. While they embarked on their journey, her brothers decided to return to the plantation. However, Tubman continued using the “Underground Railroad” and eventually settled in Philadelphia, to which she worked as a housemaid. In time, Tubman would return and lead many slaves into freedom.   In 1850, Tubman aquired news that her niece and childen were to be sold. Desperate to help, Tubman asked for assistance of her brother in-law.

She returned to Maryland, to free her children and niece, who eventually returnd to Philadelphia with her. Her husband soon remarried, and remained in Maryland.  Through eleven years Tubman helped free over seventy slaves from Maryland, and help aid on sixty other cases traveling to Canada. Tubman also established the use of the Underground Railroad, routes that rescued slaves. The Underground Railroad provided houses and transportation to assist on the freedom of slaves. Entrepreneurs/ supporters helped organize and establish the Underground Railroad.The different routes were complicated to distract slave masters and citizens so slaves can escape. Many supporters also sacrifices their houses as hideouts for the escaped slaves.

When traveling through the Underground Railroad many escaped slaves traveled by foot. Supporters were mainly found in Pennsylvania, to then helped escaped slaves find jobs and housing accomondations.    In 1862, Tubman traveled to South Carolina to provide nursing for injured soliders, and soon joined the union army. Later, due to expirence from the Union Army, Tubman started working with General David Hunter. Her role was to spy and scout missions then report them towards the General. Tubman also worked with Colonel James Montgomery, traveling to a plantation and rescuing more than seven hundred slaves.

Not long after Harriet acquired the name, “Moses”, named after the prophet in the Bible, who also lead many people to freedom.  Later in time, Tubman established the,” Harriet Tubman Home For The Aged.” In which was a nursey home caring center for the elderly.             


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