Happiness In Sister Carrie Essay Research Paper

Happiness In Sister Carrie Essay, Research PaperSister Carrie, written by Theodore Dreiser, portrays the life ofa immature, guiltless miss whose life style is drastically changed when she movesinto the metropolis. Carrie, the chief character, is really optimistic and inventive. She views life as a dream with its many luxuries and pleasances.

At first, she lacks all the things she sees in her dream, but through familiarities and relationships, she hopes to fulfill her demands and be happy in life.Carrie is merely 18 old ages old and is allured by the chances and gleam of metropolis life when she boards a train headed for Chicago. She believes it will be much more merriment, elegant, and exciting than populating on a farm. This can be seen when the writer says, She felt. out of topographic point, but the great position of the room soothed her and the position of the well dressed throng outdoors seemed a glorious thing. Carrie is really much so out of topographic point. She has no money and can merely happen a meager occupation.

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She besides finds the state of affairs at place with her sister really frustrating and dejecting. Carrie now feels that the metropolis is non all that it seems to be.Drouet is a really of import figure in Carrie s life. He meets her on the train to Chicago and amazes and entices her with his expressions, smooth mode, and crisp visual aspect.

For illustration, the writer states that Carrie felt There was something satisfactory in the attending of this person with his good apparels. Drouet is about like a Jesus, assisting Carrie acquire back on her pess when she was merely approximately at the terminal of her rope. When Carrie is with Drouet, she feelssecure and reasonably because she has a defender who will purchase things for her and take attention of her. However, she does non understand true love and does non see Drouet for who he truly is. Alternatively, she looks upon him as a beginning of money and wealth.Hurstwood is another important chapter in the life of Carrie. He is a good to make man of affairs, who runs an flush resort called Fitzgerald and Moy s. Hurstwood meets Carrie through Drouet, a close friend of his.

When Carrie and Hurstwood meet, sparks fly and they both realize that they have feelings for each other. Unlike Drouet, who is apathetic, Hurstwood is emotional and understands adult females. He is besides more refined and reserved in his mode.

The writer describes Hurstwood as person who paid that peculiar respect to adult females which every member of the sex appreciates. Carrie finds this really attractive and shortly foliages Drouet to populate with Hurstwood, who in bend leaves his married woman and two kids. The relationship between this twosome is a little more intimate and meaningful than the last 1.

Possibly this clip, Carrie loves Hurstwood for his personality and character, non his money or position.It seems that Carrie has eventually found a lucifer and is eventually settled, possessing all the things she dreamed of. However, when Hurstwood is fired and runs out of money, Carrie, with her progressively larger and successful function in the theatre, looks upon Hurstwood as a load and leaves him in order to carry through her fate as an actress. No subsequently does Carrie recognize that her whole life is a muss and that she is non genuinely happy, but has brought down unhappiness and solitariness upon herself.


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