Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Happiness, different from temporary or normal happiness.

Happiness, different from temporary or normal happiness.

Happiness, the feeling of
contentment, pleasure, joy, enthusiasm and delight is much more meaningful than
its literal meanings. If someone says he is happy it means he is satisfied with
the present situation around him. He is experiencing life the way he wants.
Your relationships are going well, your boss is satisfied with your work and
you are in good health. This is temporary happiness, since it is dependent on
certain conditions being the way one wants them to be. If your partner is angry
or you are not fulfilling expectations of your boss, your sense of happiness
vanishes. Temporary happiness is with short term gain at the long term expense.
It can be health, relationship or personal growth. For example, working twenty
four seven in office behind success and money while neglecting personal health
and family (Atkinson).

Track of temporary happiness is
grounded in the faith that true happiness exists outside us.

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True happiness is completely
different from temporary or normal happiness. True happiness is personal
satisfaction, deep sense of inner well-being.
As Mark Twain suggests, the best way to cheer yourself is to cheer someone
up. A deep sense of gratitude is felt
by the people who actually experience true happiness. Contrast of temporary
happiness which is dependent on current situations and comes and goes with
time, true happiness is independent of life states. Truly happy people feel
those emotions of gratitude and livelihood deeply and completely.

Sometimes a person gets caught into
his own emotions when is he depressed or tensed. He thinks more about his
problems, imagines himself in worst conditions and this thoughts get darker. To
him moving forward from that situation appears impossible. He can cheer himself
up by brining happiness into other people’s life. This accomplishes many
things. First, helping other gives internal satisfaction when you see other
people smile because of you. Second, knowing their situation and helping them
makes one feel that his life is not that tragic as he feels and overthinks in
his mind.

There is a Chinese saying: “If you
want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go
fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want
happiness for a lifetime, help somebody” (Santi).
Passion is the foundation of giving. Sometimes the quantity what we give
doesn’t matter. But the love we put matters. Just a smile is enough to make
other’s day. Some people who are depressed and sad don’t expect any financial
aid, all the need is a person with whom they can share everything, lending your
ear to them is a huge favor. Comforting someone in grief is a great help. Often
a hug and kind words matters a lot when someone has lost his loved one or has
experienced some tragedy. Doing something for them like funeral arrangements,
appointment from doctor or informing other at the time when they won’t be in
control of their senses makes one feel the essence of true happiness.

Needy people who are living their
lives hand to mouth want financial support. If you aren’t capable of donating a
big amount even small efforts means a lot to them like if you are in possession
of something you don’t use, donating it to needy people would be a great favor
for them. Buy one time of meal for a homeless person is very good and friendly

Aristotle said, “true happiness and
fulfillment is attained by loving others rather than being loved”.

Showing appreciation publicly,
praising someone in front of their coworkers or family to them feel confident,
motivating someone to get active, doing volunteer works like teaching your
fellow beings, tutor kids for free who can’t afford tutors, offer to babysit to
busy parents who need a break, lending voice in favor of right people although
you personally aren’t going to get affected from results but just joining them
to increase their motivation; all these acts don’t cost much but they leave a
very significant impact on other while fulfilling your heart with satisfaction
and gratitude.

A famous saying of
Saint Francis of Assisi is “For it is in giving that we receive”. A
new world where everyone would follow this rule that “happiness is only derived
from helping others” there would be air of love everywhere. No one would commit
suicide due to loneliness or their problems. They will have ears to listen
them, people to support them emotionally in their bad times. In the world where
brilliant students will help weak students in their studies, no weak kid will
do cheating to pass exam. When rich would help poor financially, fitting
themselves in their shoes. There won’t be any discrimination. Crimes like
robbery and theft won’t exist anymore as no one would feel need to fulfill
their needs using unjust ways.  Everyone
will join hands to move forward together and this world will turn into an ideal
place to live in.