Hamlet Literary Analysis Essay

Carl Jung is an expert in Freudian theory but with a strong sense of the unconscious and its wont of uncovering itself in symbolic signifier. His personality theory “The persona” is an original. or an organized rule based on things we see or do. Hamlet is an illustration of a individual who is making whatever it takes to carry through what he thinks is right. Claudius gives a “false impression” that he uses to pull strings people’s sentiments towards Hamlet.

Through the physiological lens of Carl Jung. Hamlet comes off as insane seeking to revenge his male parents decease. while Claudius is the one seeking to convert everyone he’s mad. to take his rightful topographic point as male monarch. Hamlet displays false feelings by feigning to be huffy.

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He does this in order to acquire attending from his female parent. who does non believe him when he tries to explicate to her what the shade told him about Claudius. Hamlet in desperation thought that his programs were unpointed and did non cognize what to make without the support he needed from his female parent.This shows the ego nature of Hamlet. Hamlet is immature and focuses a great trade on his self-importance and concerns about the pettinesss of the character exposing his false feelings. Hamet merely false feeling. Hamlet was fallacious.

he would make eyeglassess in which people would misinterpret his actions for person who might be insane. “To be or non to be. that is the question” ( III. I. 56 ) This is the inquiry Hamlet is contemplating throughout the book. to populate. or to decease.

He struggles with the idea of suicide many times as a consequence of no one believing him.Feigning to be huffy is the lone manner he can come up with to seek to revenge his male parents decease. This quotation mark emphasizes Hamlets interior battle to get by with two opposing ideas in his head. continuing his moral unity or revenging his father’s decease.

It’s difficult to state if Hamlet is of all time truly insane in the drama. He struggles with life altering determinations that can potentially alter many lives. which would be good concluding for doing lunacy. There are many points where you might believe Hamlet himself doesn’t even know the difference between who he is and who is is feigning to be.In order to maintain his Crown on the throne of Denmark. Claudius manipulates events. people’s lives and relationships.

He makes usage of his power along with other’s trueness and trust. We know Hamlets hatred towards Claudius. for get marrieding his female parent and seeking to steal his topographic point as male monarch.

But Hamlet is the lone 1 who believes this. everyone else isn’t aware of his purposes. It is clear that we are intended to see Claudius non as a homicidal scoundrel. but a multi-faceted scoundrel: person who can non forbear from making what he feels is right.He is morally weak. and content to merchandise his humanity for really small. Claudius shows a strong false feeling.

proved by Carl Jung’s theory to be a “mask” used to show himself to the universe. He’s seeking to replace the King by taking everything that was his. “Though yet of Hamlet our beloved brother’s decease The memory be green. and that it us befitted To bear our Black Marias in heartache and our whole land To be contracted in one forehead of suffering. Yet so far hath discretion fought with nature That we with wisest sorrow think on him. Together with recollection of ourselves” ( 1. 2.

1 )Here Claudius is speaking to his people about how they should be mourning Old King Hamlet’s decease. but it would be wise for the whole land to travel on rapidly. This is portion of the “mask” he is have oning for the people. sing hes the 1 who killed the King in the first topographic point. Carl Jung’s theory proves itself to be true for both Hamlet and Claudius in the Play. His theory on the character stand foring your public image is different. but evident for both of them.

For Hamlet. a false feeling is evident but for his addition merely. He is feigning to be insane towards his female parent because that the lone manner he feels he can acquire her attending. Claudius portrays a false feeling towards all the people. because he is the lone 1 that truly knows Hamlet is sane. His “mask” is to cover himself up for the Kings Murder. The truth comes out when its apparent He wants Hamlet killed. Jung states that at its worst.

false feelings. can be mistaken. even by ourselves. for our true nature.This happens to Hamlet as he mistakes himself for many things he is non.

“If one does non understand a individual. one tends to see him as a sap. ” ( Mysterium Coniunctionis ) .

This relates to how everyone believes Hamlet is huffy because they don’t understand what he saw and heard from his male parents shade. Through the physiological lens of Carl Jung. Hamlet comes off as insane seeking to revenge his male parents decease and turn out to his female parent all he knows.

while Claudius is the one seeking to convert everyone he’s mad. to take his rightful topographic point as male monarch.


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