Hamlet Hamlet acts smart when he gets

Hamlet was role playing mostly throughout the whole play. He was acting so crazy because he wanted to avenge his father’s death, who was the king. Everyone thought that he might be crazy for love, but what they didn’t know it was murder. Some guards told Hamlet that they have seen a ghost roaming around and he looks like the king, so Hamlet went to go see if the ghost was his father. The ghost wanted to talk to Hamlet to get revenge at Claudius.

The ghost said that Claudius poured poison into his ear while he was sleeping in the Garden. Claudius then right away married the queen, which was the king’s wife, so that he could become king. It is important that Hamlet acts crazy so no he won’t get in trouble if he does anything wrong or crazy. Hamlet puts on this play and he is confused how theses “players” can act.

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He is shocked how these people can feel real emotion, but it’s fake. The play is basically about a king who get poisoned by his brother pouring poison in his ear, sound familiar? Hamlet is putting on this play because he wants to see how Claudius acts. He wants to know if Claudius actually killed the former king, Hamlet’s father. Once he gets his mother (Gertrude) and step-father (Claudius), the see the scene where the brother pours poison into the king’s ear then Claudius steps out and is furious. Then Claudius became suspicious of Hamlet. Playing this insanity role changes how everything is.

When Hamlet is in the presence of certain people he acts differently, he acts like any other normal individual, he is smart, is able to thoroughly think every plan or idea he has and he is fully aware of his surroundings. Although he tends to procrastinate he is able to follow through with his plans, instead of saying one thing and doing another. An example is when Hamlet saves his life on board with pirates by thinking quickly and most likely bribing the pirates since he is the Prince of Denmark. Hamlet acts smart when he gets Rosencrantz and Guildenstern executed. This was a smart move on behalf of Hamlet because when Claudius gave Hamlet the letters, Claudius assumed that Hamlet was crazy and that he would never open the letters. Hamlet took the benefit of the situation and opened the letters and read the contents which clearly stated that Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle and step father wanted him dead. If Hamlet were truly insane there is no possible way that he would have been able to think of a plan to save his life and if he were truly mad then he would not have suspected the king which would have meant that Claudius would have outsmarted Hamlet and killed him.

Hamlet uses reverse psychology and his intelligence to save his own life by having Guildenstern and Rosencrantz killed. What Hamlet did was cause a backfire to the King’s plans, because Hamlet uses the king’s idea and replaces the letters with another, saying to kill his two friends, so Hamlet’s suspicions and proper advantage of the situation saves his life.In the end, Claudius wanted Laertes to have a battle with Hamlet, but Claudius poisoned Laertes sword and poisoned a drink. Turns out, the queen drank the poison in the drink. Laertes wounds Hamlet but he doesn’t die immediately from the poison, then Laertes is cut by his own sword’s blade, then tells Hamlet that Claudius is responsible for the queen’s death, then they die from the blade’s poison. The one that was left was Horatio.



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