Gym Canyd Analysis Essay

Gym Candy Analysis The book I read was Gym Candy and it was written by Carl Deuker. The main character in the novel was Mick Johnson. Mick Johnson wanted to be the star running back from the moment his father put a football into his hands at the age of four.

Almost his whole life he was led to believe that his father was a star football player in the NFL, but later finds out he was not told the whole story. Mick promised himself that he’d never make the same mistakes his father did. In junior high Mick starts to really gain speed and agility.But in the last game his freshman year he was blown up on the goal line which lost them the game. It was after that game that he realized he needed to get stronger. He starts to lift weights a lot, but he is having a rough time getting past his personal goals.

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Mick does what they call hitting a wall where you don’t get stronger you just stay the same. So his father offers to get him some time with a personal trainer at a gym nearby called Popeye’s. Despite his coach’s concerns that it would be better to work out with his own teammates, Mick goes anyway.His personal trainer, Peter, offers Mick some muscle enhancers called D-Bol which he refuses. After Peter assures him that they are harmless and will give him unthinkable strength. Mick gave in and said he would quit once the season started.

The author Carl Deuker presents the genre through Mick Johnson and his story about his football career from the time he first touched a football, which then led to high school where he started using steroids and almost took his own life. The characteristics of genre are when events happen in the book that makes it that type of genre.In the book “Gym Candy” the author Carl Deuker uses football to make this a sports novel. The author wrote this novel in first person point of view. The choice of the point of view impacted the novel in many ways.

One of them was it made it so you would know what each character felt and what they were thinking. It also created a little dramatic irony through the book. Carl Dueker’s style of writing is very intriguing, like not knowing what’s going to happen next. The sentence structure throughout the novel was great and the vocabulary choice made it very interesting and catchy to read.


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