Guy Kawasaki Essay

Kawasaki’s hiring strategy differs greatly from that of traditional hiring techniques that most managers are accustomed too.

Kawasaki prefers to conduct an over the phone interview with all the applicants first, as opposed to having the applicants come in for a face to face interview. I understand the reasoning behind this method; Kawasaki doesn’t want to let his perception of a person’s appearance interfere with his hiring decision. This could be a positive outcome of this strategy, this way all candidates are being screened fairly on a level playing field.This will allow for someone of a lower economic status who maybe could not afford a nice business suit for the interview to not be judged by their clothing but rather for their interpersonal skills.

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Another positive factor of screening applicants over the phone is that you minimize the chances of discriminating against someone because race, color, religion, age. I believe it would be rather difficult to determine these factors via a conversation over the phone, however determining sex may not prove to be too difficult.A negative factor due to this strategy, I believe is, you lose the whole person concept. Where you are able to interact one-on-one with the applicant and read their body language, get a good feel for their attitude and personality and make a good decision on whether the individual is a good match for the organization.

I believe Kawasaki’s hiring method aligns perfectly with the concepts in this module for the fact that the module is trying to get the point across that diversity is positive for an organization.Screening folks over the phone I believe, will yield a very diverse workforce; it also helps minimizes one’s personal bias and discrimination. Kawasaki would describe the perfect leader as someone who produces more leaders and not followers.

I would describe the perfect leader as someone who leads by example and also knows how to follow. In order to lead you must first know how to follow, and when leading you want to set a good example for your subordinates to follow.I personally use the concepts discussed in this module on a daily basis at my workplace as I supervise approximately 30 individuals. I consciously interact with each and every individual in a different manner, and I have to be careful not to favorite some individuals because we may have many similarities and things in common.

I always try to make sure I don’t treat anyone unfairly and constantly ask for honest feedback from my subordinates to make sure I’m doing the things I need to be doing as a supervisor to make my people feel comfortable.


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