Guns or Roses Essay

Industrialization in the modern era created many different views of man and nature. Some people were supportive of nature so they felt men should be attached to animals and plants.

In contrast, some people felt modernization was everything and men should have power over nature. Many environmentalists feel men should not destroy the natural world. On the other hand, many industrialists feel nature is unimportant compared to the expansion of factories.

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A person could see this kind of argument in the work of many different types of artists.Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier were both great modern architects, and they had different views of the relationship between humans and the environment. They displayed their stance through their architecture. Wright’s Robie House showed his style of blending the house into its surroundings, the space of nature.

Le Corbusier, in contrast, in Villa Savoye, exhibited industrialization rather than nature. Even though Wright and Le Corbusier’s architecture have a modern appearance, Wright’s purpose was to show human’s harmony with nature, and Le Corbusier’s purpose was to show how humans and machines dominate nature.Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House is mainly constructed with bricks.

The house’s color, because of the bricks, is red like interiors of oak trees. Also, the visual texture of the building has a natural touch because of the bricks. The house has many sweeping planes; its basic structure is centered around planes. The structure’s low-pitched roof is extended dramatically beyond its walls, and it combines with balconies and continuous limestone sills along the length of the house. This is to create an overwhelmingly horizontal appearance. Steel beams, used for one of the first times in residential architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright, allow the roof to stretch twenty feet beyond the walls at each end of the house.

” (Robie House Website) Inside, the living and dining spaces exemplify Wright’s Prairie Style.Prairie Style’s objective is to eliminate the room as a box and also to prevent the house being another box. (Robie House Website) Thus, Wright created space to link the house to the outside, “Exquisite art glass windows and doors serve to dissolve the outer walls of both rooms into screens of patterned glass, providing spectacular lightness and transparency. (Robie House Website) This presents Wright’s design as modern that is similar to Le Corbusier’s, which is also modern. Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye’s visual texture is more metallic. It has a modular design, the result of Le Corbusier’s researches into mathematics and human proportion.

(Villa Savoye Website) The house is raised on stilts to separate it from the ground, and to use the land efficiently. Also, it has an abstract sculptural design that it looks like a ship when looking from the side.Villa Savoye has pure color, white on the outside, a color with associations of newness, purity, simplicity, and health.

And it has planes of subtle color in the interior living areas. The building has a very open interior plan. Furthermore, “it has very modern design: dynamic, non-traditional transitions between floors, spiral staircases, and ramps. ” (Villa Savoye Website) Villa Savoye has ribbon windows, which echoes industrial architecture. Obviously, Le Corbusier supported modernized design for architecture.Despite the different techniques used on Robie House and Villa Savoye, they have many similar modern designs.

Both structures are built on using planes. One can see planes throughout both of the buildings. Both of them look like they are rectangles that are stacked on each other. This is a trend of modern design because rectangles have sharp edges that do not mix into nature. Moreover, both of the architectures are lifted up from the ground.

Both buildings have shifted up to create spaces for garages, which are extraordinarily modernized idea.This shows both Wright and Le Corbusier used sense of saving space by employing technology. Furthermore, Robie House and Villa Savoye both have big glass windows, which are also modernized designs. The windows function as a connecter between the interior of the buildings and the outside world. This shows how both Wright and Le Corbusier tried to connect their buildings to their environment.

At first glance, Robie House and Villa Savoye would look they are designed with same purpose because of their modern designs. However, Wright and Le Corbusier designed their buildings for the exactly opposite purpose.Frank Lloyd Wright designed Robie House to be blended into its environment, but Le Corbusier designed Villa Savoye to stand out of its environment. Robie House is surrounded by trees and grass fields. This makes the building appear to be part of nature. For this effect, the house’s brick material creates a sense of blending because of the brick’s color, which has a more natural feeling because of its similarity in color with oak woods. In addition, Robie House has many windows built in its walls. Looking from outside of the house, these glass windows reflect the surrounding environment.

Thus, they display nature on the surface of the house. These windows also serve different purposes. They create a transparency between the inside space of Robie House and the outside space of nature.

The windows bring light from the environment into the house, which creates transparency that destroys the wall between the house and nature. Robie House’s interior structure also displays the natural world. The interior is constructed with woods, which demonstrates the old classic style of pre-industrialization.

The wood make one feels more attached to nature.On the contrary, Villa Savoye has a different appeal to residents. Its white exterior, instead of blending into nature, stands out in the open grass field.

The house also stands alone in an open area, not surrounded by any trees. Even though Villa Savoye is also in a natural surrounding, Le Corbusier chose not to have trees surrounding Villa Savoye. Its windows seem dark and do not reflect its scenery around it when a person looks from the outside.

Instead, Villa Savoye seems to have the windows with shade that are meant to block out the exterior light.Villa Savoye’s interior design is also white in color. The stairways and furniture are designed with high technology contrasted to Robie House’s wooden furniture. Villa Savoye also has a roof garden, which is a representation of men holding nature inside their hands. Therefore, the house’s design demonstrates the way Le Corbusier does not want the building to have anything do with nature. Although Wright and Le Corbusier had many identical structures in their buildings, they differed to a great extent in their style of using nature.

Even though they were given the same conditions of places, they suited their architectures into the environment differently. Wright, even though a modern artist, likes to mingle modern art into nature. However, Le Corbusier wants the building to be illustrating the machine and man’s power.

Wright and Le Corbusier’s difference in style brought up the issue of relationship between man and nature. This question of whether humans and their machines could supersede nature would go on forever.


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