Gucci’s environmental impacts that their company produces

    Gucci’s value for ethical business practice is dedicated to handling all business with integrity, fairness, transparency, honesty, and to fully comply with all laws and regulations implemented. Their respect for human rights goes hand in hand with their policies for promoting a quality working environment.

Rejection of any and all form of child labor, forced labor, and discrimination enables the company to ensure that each and every worker has the same opportunities for employment and career development. All employees receive equal and fair treatment. Career development and promotional opportunities is based on merit. Gucci is active in their company’s promotion and strict compliance of the health and safety standards of workers and communities in which it operates, as a precaution for preventing accidents and sickness while simultaneously helping to improve people’s physical as well as mental health. The company also takes into consideration the importance of balance between private life and professional life.     Gucci makes a serious effort to develop and improve each worker’s professional skills and attributes as well as competencies. The company makes it a priority to acknowledge each individual’s potential and creativity in a professional aspect.

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Diversity is another important value to the company. Respect for all cultures, religions, ethnic groups, traditions, and communities as well as preservation of the environment, social, economic, and cultural identities plays a huge role in the company’s set values.     Promotion, protection, and improvement of socio-economic development of local, national, and international communities by creating opportunity for development and growth of skills and craftsmanship by sharing knowledge and creating philanthropic initiatives is a priority for the company. Gucci believes that protection of the environment and reduction of negative impact on the environment is fundamental the the preservation of the planet and the present and future inhabitants of the planet. Gucci reduced its contribution to environmental impact by focusing on their usage of water and energy, waste production, production of hazardous chemicals, and the sustainability and usage of raw materials. The company makes an effort to observe and evaluate the direct and indirect social, economic, and environmental impacts that their company produces and uses these observations to implement improvement and development for the surrounding people and environment.     Respect and commitment to stakeholders is another priority for the company. Developing a fair and clear relationship with stakeholders as well as acknowledging that they are an important asset to the company is key.

Company development and progress depends heavily on the cooperation and partnership with outside organizations at a national and international level. Gucci does not abandon their company morals and values in order to gain profit or recognition. Compliance with rules and regulations as well as a requirement for all suppliers and subcontractors to comply with the company’s set values and morals is vital.    Gucci’s care for customer satisfaction is implemented by focusing on the highest quality craftsmanship, safety standards, and sustainability in their products and guaranteeing high quality customer service and easily accessible communication with the company while maintaining constant attentiveness to their needs.     Gucci products currently available for sale online include handbags, wallets, accessories, shoes, luggage, jewelry, watches, gifts, ready to wear, home collection items, and beauty products including makeup, cologne, and perfumes.

All Gucci products are made in Italy, except for fragrances, which are made in the EU, and timepieces (watches), which are made in Switzerland.     Since 2005, Gucci has been in a partnership with UNICEF. UNICEF or the United Nation’s Children’s Fund is a United Nations program that “provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries”. Gucci donates a percentage of all sales from special collections made specifically for UNICEF. The annual Gucci Campaign to Benefit UNICEF supports education, healthcare, protection and clean water programs for orphans and children affected by HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. In five years, Gucci donated over $7 million to UNICEF. Gucci is the largest corporate donor to UNICEF’s “Schools for Africa” that was established in 2004 by UNICEF, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and the Hamburg Society.

Its goal is to increase access to basic schooling for all, with a special emphasis on children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and children living in extreme poverty. Gucci also participates in the “Chime for Change” campaign, which launched in February 2013. The “Chime for Change” goal is to further the global empowerment of women and girls. Over 210 projects in 81 countries worldwide have been funded by Gucci through this campaign.

In 2013, famous singer Beyoncé Knowles and Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek would work with previous creative director Frida Giannini on a campaign that’s main goal was to further the empowerment of females. A concert for this campaign took place on June 1, 2013 in London. The concert featured artists such as Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding, Laura Pausini, florence and the Machine, Iggy Azalea, and Rita Ora.

The concert raised over $130,000 for the campaign. In 2013, street artist and activist Lydia Emily was hired by Gucci to paint a mural on Skid Row, Los Angeles. Skid Row is an area in Downtown Los Angeles which contains one of the largest stable populations of homeless people in the United States of between 5,000 and 8,000 people. The mural was of a woman named Jessica who is a survivor of human trafficking.

Jessica now works for an organization that focuses on helping women escape the sex industry.


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