Guatemala Essay Research Paper GuatemalaThe first fishing

Guatemala Essay, Research PaperGuatemalaThe first fishing and agriculture small towns foremost emerged around 2000 BC near the shores of Guatemala and so in 1000 BC the Mayans started to get in the Peten country. The Mayas developed many things and one of them was the figure 0. They besides calculated the twelvemonth more accurately so the Europeans. The Mayan imperium was non unified and the highest point of Mayan civilisation was between the Forth and 7th centuries.

They abandoned their metropoliss in Guatemala and moved northerly to the Yucatan Peninsula and some of the larger metropoliss contained between 100,000 and 400,000 people. In the 12th century a group of Mayans came back to the Peten country.In 1517 Francisco Fernandez de Cordoba and his ground forces were driven off by the Mayans in effort to suppress them. Two old ages subsequently a adult male named Hernando Cortes sailed to Mexico from Cuba and He and his ground forces conquered Mexico. A adult male named Pedro de Alvarado attacked Guatemala to derive more land and he succeeded. The first Spanish capital was founded in 1524 and it was called Santiago de los Caballeros. The Guatemala dwellers were influenced to derive independency by the rebellion of the Britains North America in 1776 and the Gallic Revolution in 1767.

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In 1821 Guatemala achieved their independency and Manuel Estrad Cabrera became president in 1898. In 1920 a revolution broke out and they overthrew the Cabrera government. After the Cabrera government Guatemala has had many different leaders.The population of Guatemala in 1987 was around 8.9 million people. The population Guatemala breaks down to a little less than 50 % are pure Indians and some of the other major cultural groups are mestizos and pure Spaniards.

The population of Guatemala besides includes German, English, and Chinese people. The most populated countries in Guatemala are the Highland countries because of its nice clime wile the least populated country is the Peten because it is chiefly jungle.An illustration of a Guatemalan newspaper headline is Experts Find Guatemala Mass Graves.

This article was written on April 7 and is approximately 40 villagers that were believed to be killed by ground forces military personnels in Guatemala? s Civil War. The per capita of Guatemala is 4,000 Dollars and 20 US Dollars is tantamount to 140.2 Quetzals. In Guatemala the most popular athletics is Soccer but hoops and baseball are besides reasonably popular. One of the major vacations in Guatemala is All Saints? Day. All Saints? Day celebrates the memory of the dead and is celebrated in November.

If you were in Guatemala? s capital Guatemala City you could see one of the many museums that they have at that place. Besides if you are an art fan you could see one of their 30 galleries that show Guatemalan creative persons in picture, picture taking, scratching and sculpture. Guatemala City besides has a few theatres that show a broad scope of dramas, particularly in national drama writes.


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