Gryphon to communicate its status to the

Gryphon is an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to which a custom long-reach robotic manipulator carrying a mine detector is mounted that automatically scans the terrain.  The recorded data is then presented to the operator who, after careful inspection and evaluation, marks down the suspect spots onto the minefield with an onboard paint- or plate-marking system. Additionally, an optional RTK-GPS localization system records the location of the marked spots, • The Mobile Platform The mobile platform is 4-wheeled ATV powered by a gasoline engine.• The Manipulator The manipulator, also called “Field Arm”,is  composed of a weight-compensated mechanism and consists of a counter-balanced pantographic arm with 3 degrees of freedom, which allows to take advantage of a reduced power consumption and improved insensitivity towards the ATV’s suspension.

• Stereo Vision CameraTo scan the terrain, a stereo vision camera is used, which computes the trajectory of the bot.• The Marking SystemsTwo different marking systems have been developed. The first one, based on water-soluble color paint, has a nozzle attached to the mine detector. The second marking system operates by dispensing a marking plate onto the correct position.The manipulator has sufficiently enough degrees of freedom (DOF) to operate and end-effecters optimized for removing the mines. It has a proper mechanism to minimize its power consumption. Since single-end effecters is not efficient to perform the task, the concept of Field –Arm is brought into use.

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The control systems of Gryphon and Field Arm work independently. Each control system computes its kinematics from sensors and uses Controller Area Network (CAN) to communicate its status to the other. It is necessary for human controllers to check the circumstances in which field arm operates. The cameras are mounted in front, back, both sides of the buggy and near the end effecters.The platform is kept moving along the border of the safe area with the manipulator works on the minefield.

This is done to prevent the robot from damages. The first prototype of ‘Field Arm” was made up of pipes of composite material and aluminum nodes. The selection of material is a crucial step since it is to be designed in a manner to work on all terrains. Once the arm is designed, it is easy to carry out the demining process efficiently.


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