Gruop Influence , Social Facilitions and Social Loafing by Twelve Angry Man Essay

Group is made by two or more people for the common goal . By this definition , A collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction, mutual influence, common feeling of friendship and who work together to achieve a common set of target.

Group Influence refers to the ways in which group members influence the attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of others within the group. Social Facilitation refers to affect by the presence of others.That mean is other can change your behavior when you are not noticing in group.

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Guerin, B. (1993) rited that ” Social facilitation is the tendency for people to do better on simple tasks when in the presence of other people. This implies that whenever people are being watched by others, they will do well on things that they are already good at doing. ( p.

186-192) . For example ; Imagine one boy, and he is driving with his familiy. His behavior might be change . When he driving with his familiy , he drive carefully , slow and care the traffic convention. However , When he driving with the his friends , his behavior change again.

He drive very fastly , risky and he doesn’t care the traffic convention.Social Laofing is refers to basicly lazzy behaviors. By this definition; peoples or workers , when they are doing somethink and no body can meassured their performance , they performance affected and they work less performance or they don’t work. that means people doing somethink better more than people in a group. For example ; Some students have the task of working collectively on a paper for a course.They will receive one grade for the paper.

Some students in the class do not make much of an effort working on the group paper even though they made an effort on other assignments in which they worked lone. Evaluation Apprehension refers performance will be enhanced or impaired only in the presence of persons who can approve or disapprove our actions. If we describe the social facilition and social loafing evalution apprehension way, we can say social facilition’s evaluation apprehension is concern about observation of individuals effort bu social loafing’s is lack of concern about observation of effort. If I want to put examples of social facilition from the ”12 Angery Men ”, it might be the 3th jury member’s discussion to 8th jury member.

What is the discussion ?When jury score is 11-1, 3th jury member became angry because he thought boy is guilty but when 3th jury still explain the boy that is guilty , he still thought same idea that was ” he is guilty ” but when when he explane the why the boy guilty , other jury member pay attention on 3th jury member so he affect by the others opinion and he was anxiety , cryed , thought about his son and he desicions changed . At the en of the film , 4th jury member said ” the boy is not guilty ” Examples of the social loafing is the clearly 6th jury.He only wanted to go to he baseball match so he didn’t care anythink about the case , he only voted like ”guilty” and ” not guilty”. If you watched the movie , you could see the this because since at the beginig of the movie , he always had hury because of he doesn’t want to miss baseball match. Thats why he hurry and he said , I buy the baseball match ticket” 2 or 3 times.

When the jurys vote score is equal , he said ” the boy is not guilty ” because he thought , If I say this, maybe this argument finish shortly. Therefore, I think , 6th jury member is the best example of the social loafing.


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