Growing towards studying PGDN in IHM after

Growing up in a small village in the eastern region of Nepal, I was always interested in helping others. However, growing up in a family where my father was a healthcare professional made me feel the importance of healthcare service that the poor and the needy were deprived off. For this reason, I decided to become a nurse and dedicate my life towards healing others. Being a good learner makes me adapt to different situation and environment, thus the hunger of learning has motivated me towards studying PGDN in IHM after a thorough research on every aspect that I have come across.Academically, I have always been hardworking and dedicated to my study since my childhood. Having been completed my schooling in my hometown I passed my higher secondary education in first class from Arniko College. As I was interested in the nursing programme, I got enrolled in CMR College of Nursing, Bangalore, India in 2010.

I was awarded the prestigious CMR scholarship 2012-2013 as the ‘best student nurse’ and finally completed my bachelor level in 2014 with distinction. After successful completion of my bachelors level, I was well equipped with theoretical and practical skills that a nurse required. Besides this I always enjoyed the class discussion, presentation, fieldwork, case studies, and seminars, workshops which was a part of my curriculum but for me, was the most important factor that helped me during and after my study. After the completion of my bachelor degree, I got married in 25th Feb 2015 and gave birth to a child in 2nd Jan 2016 due to which I encountered a gap of eighteen month. Since then I have been working at Sofia Swasthiya Sewa Pvt Ltd. a privately owned clinic in Kathmandu.In the world of globalization quality education had become a key to success in the present scenario so depth theoretical, practical and research-based knowledge is very much essential to becoming a competent nurse so this has led me to choose Australia as my destination for studying my postgraduate course.

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Besides this Australia is English speaking country with a wide cultural diversity which gives the student a platform to interact, share knowledge and socialize with people around the world. apart from this the education institutions and universities in Australia are internationally recognized for its quality education and research which makes use of latest technology in the field of healthcare system and students are provided with opportunities to expand their knowledge to increase their understanding of international health and gain expertise and experience allowing them to practice as an advanced health professional worldwide. Further, the climatic conditions and student-friendly policies of the government make me feel Australia as the first choice for my study. Institute of health and management, Sydney is one of the renowned institutes for providing nursing and health education as it offers a wide range of innovative, practice-oriented courses in Australia providing graduate diploma in nursing. The classes are run on a regular basis on a fixed routine so this will greatly help me in time management for my study.

The graduate diploma in the nursing course has been the subject of my interest because this program offers a pathway for Registered Nurses with Diploma of Nursing qualification to gain a Postgraduate qualification. On successful completion of GDN, I can undertake a Master of Nursing with up to one year credit. So after doing some research, I felt that IHM will be best suited for me to undertake my further education.After pursuing my GDN I hope to continue my masters of nursing and get clinical exposure for some time utilizing the PSW and then be back to my country to serve my nation with the knowledge and expertise that I gained in a couple of years.


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