“Green Technologies; Changing Life As We Know It” Essay

“Going green” has been a helpful way to try and put a stop to climate change, but the start of many of our headaches for the past 50 years. The term “Global Warming” has been pounded into Americans everyday lives more than they have wanted it to. Even though some people have their doubts, they are forced to follow the Governments rules and regulations. The threat of global warming on the other hand has benefited in saving what we have left of this beautiful place we call home.Take it for what you want, but there are many things now that have made earth more liveable now than in the past. Many people look at Global Warming as a myth.

Research shows the effects of the past use of fossil fuels and their vapors have caused a large climate drop. Scientist have proven that global warming is an issue, but to what effect. It has caused the glaciers in the North Pole to melt, and the winters needed for the survival of the wildlife to diminish. The expulsion of carbon dioxide is seen as the root cause of the issue we face today.If the people of the world don’t start making the right decisions to watch the products they use, the world as we know it will not last much longer.

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Auto makers have created many new vehicles to prevent the pollution from our energy sources. These automobiles are run by everything from batteries charged by the sun to vehicles running off vegetable oil. Coal has also become an abundant source of energy for our daily lives. With the low cost and efficiency of coal people have been getting a lot more energy for their dollar.

Along with coal the sun is another great source of energy because of its abundance and low cost. The sun has given people a free source of energy to recharge anything from their vehicles to their cell phones. People must continue to use these valuable sources of energy to keep the world moving in the right direction.

Global Warming has proven that it was an issue, and if we wouldn’t have taken the appropriate steps as we did, it would have had serious consequences. Using the same oil and other fossil fuel sources we were, we would have ran the world to extinction.The technology we have developed in the past is what made earth the place we know it today.

With all those technologies of clean energy we were able to virtually wipe out pollution as we knew it. The development of these technologies must be the priority of America in order for earth to keep moving in the right direction. People must continue to educate themselves and future generations on the importance of the technology of energy sources in order to save the planet. Remaining aware of the actual effect that we have on our planet with our daily routine is the most important information we must consider.Awarness is the key to success, because without knowing what is happening to the planet, moving in the right direction is out of the picture.

People must remain on top of developing new technologies to continue to make the earth a more suitable place to live. Technology is the largest part of civilization and must remain the biggest priority. Earth will one day be back to the way it was, before all of these sources we used to use for energy that eventually almost destroyed it.


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