Greeks and Persians Essay

The Grecian Army defeated the Persians at several locations over time with a variety of distinctive tactics, heroic efforts, and at times a bit of luck, or possibly sacrifice to the right God or Goddess. There were also occasions when, despite loosing the battle, they were able to claim some point victory.The battle of Marathon provides a model look at strong tactical maneuvers and staunch spine in battle. They took the offensive in this battle, attacking the Persians with the help of the Plataeans.

With a thin center and two strong flanks the Greek allowed the Persians to maneuver through the center, then used the exterior forces to encircle the Persian forces.One of the battles marked historically as a loss was a matter of great rallying for the morale of the Grecian people. Despite being defeated at Thermopylae, when the Greeks fought to the very last man they bested the Persian sense of honor. The Persians suffered catastrophic losses in men and used information gleaned from a spy. Later, the Oracle at Delphi claimed that the self-sacrifice of Leonidas` saved his people and his city, securing the moral victory.These massive numbers were seen on the Persian side again at the battle of Salamis. Here, they fell to the Grecian forces because they fought ineffectively.  They were unable to maneuver well enough in this, the only naval battle of the Persian war.

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Perhaps one of the most clear-cut victories of these battles was that of Plataea. Alexander of Macedon warned the Grecian forces of an impending attack by the Persian forces. The advances warning allowed the Greeks to prepare for assault before it was launched. This preparation led to a hype in moral and strategic planning, setting the Grecian forces up to outmaneuver their foes on the field of battle.


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