Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Greek And Roman Influence On Western Civilization Essay

Greek And Roman Influence On Western Civilization Essay

Essay, Research Paper

Western civilisation is what we call modern society that chiefly includes North America and

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Western Europe. But how did this western manner of life come to be? Their are many different

ways but chiefly through ancient civilizations. The two chief 1s are the Greek and Roman.

Greece with their aureate age and Rome with its great Empire and Republic and besides


Their are many ways in which western civilisation is like the antediluvian Hellenic

civilisation. They started the Olympic games. Greeks come up with the thought of an alphabet

that it still used today. They were the first to believe of the thought of democracy. They had

common people participate in their authorities and to elect a leader. Their tests had an

existent jury made up of common mans. Greece was the first to believe of paying people for their

labour. It besides had the initial philosophers and thought up of the manner we now write literature.

Including the thought of seting on a drama. One of history & # 226 ; ? ? s greatest writes, Homer, thought up

of verse forms that are narrative size that we now call heroic poem verse form. But it was chiefly through

authorities that Greeks influenced the universe.

The other greatest influence on western civilisation is the 1 of Ancient Rome.

They formed a jurisprudence codification much like the 1s used now a twenty-four hours in many states. First to

believe person was guiltless Tell proven guilty. Had a Senate much like the 1s used

today, with both upper category and lower category in it. And besides had other assemblies. Rome

distribute the Latin linguistic communication which is the bases for about all linguistic communications. They besides thought up

the modern calendar. Rome helped spread out Christianity, doing it the most broad spread

faith. Roman & # 226 ; ? ? s besides invented the nume

ral system that is still being used. First to hold

people populating in flats and to believe up a public assistance system. Roman & # 226 ; ? ? s were even the 1s

that gave the planets their names. Because of all these things Rome had a large impact on

western civilization.

Rome and Greece both had a major impact on the architecture of western civilisation.

Rome invented concrete which is the # 1 thing used in edifice today. They besides used brick

and glass. While the Greek & # 226 ; ? ? s used marble, which is still applied today. They both built large,

beautiful constructions, many which are still standing. The Grecian innovation of the column, and

Rome with there favourite architecture form, the arch, are both still really much used in the

present particularly on authorities and capital edifices. Greece thought up the thought of

doing sculpturers of existent people non merely Gods or animate beings. And they made it symmetrical

which is how sculpturers make them to this twenty-four hours. Roman & # 226 ; ? ? s invented aqueducts and cloacas.

They built great roads that were all connected and some are even still being walked on. All

of these things are a really large portion of how we construct our edifices and metropoliss.

In decision, with the Greek and Roman thoughts and innovations they were able to hold

a permanent consequence on the universe. In one manner or another Grecian and Roman civilisations have

helped develop math, scientific discipline, literature, doctrine, architecture and art into what they are

now. But there biggest impact on our lives must be faith and authorities. Greece and

Rome were the birth topographic point of democracy and Christianity, the two most of import

developments of modern history. Although these great imperiums fell 1000s of old ages ago,

they are still portion of our lives every twenty-four hours.