Great Wall Essay Research Paper Everything can

Great Wall Essay, Research PaperEverything can be linked to everything! This is the ultimate anthropological truth.What drew my to the Great Wall is that the Great Wall isn & # 8217 ; t merely a physical thing but it is besides something that has stood for a civilization. From a physical barrier to something that established safe train paths, the Great Wall has stood for it all. It represents China, in the current and in the yesteryear. This draws me to The Great Wall of China.

The three dynasties that constructed the wall were the Qin, the Han, and the Ming.Chin Shi Huang, the conceiver of the wall and who the great state gets its name after likely wouldn & # 8217 ; T of of all time expected the wall to be a 4,500 stat mi long chef-d’oeuvre that would hold turned out to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World! The Qin wall was built to maintain people out, and to maintain people in.The Han wall was built as a cultural icon and a physical force. It was besides the longest dynasty, enduring four hundred and twenty two old ages.

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The Han are the 1s that restored the Confucian literature to China, established a strong cardinal authorities, and set up the first public school system! The Han, being the builders of the 2nd part of the Great Wall extended and restored the Qin wall 300 stat mis into the Gobi desert. ( www.discovery.

com ) By widening the Great Wall they opened China up to great enlargement of trade. Trade of thoughts, cognition, and physical goods.The Ming wall was the last subdivision to be built. It was built in an age when China would go a universe economic power. This wall took an estimated 200 old ages to finish. The Ming part of the wall contained single garrisons that at one clip held and estimated one million soldiers! An economic power is something that is non attained in one twenty-four hours but over clip through careful planning and first-class leading.The Great Wall of China is something that has stood for a civilization for over two thousand old ages! It is a brilliant physical construction and cultural icon that represents an huge project that shows a civilization to the universe.

What I find is the most interesting about the Great Wall is that it is an anthropologist & # 8217 ; s dream. Physically, culturally, politically, economically, and militaristic, the list goes on and on.Physically, the wall is a 4,500-mile long construction that covers land from the Gobi desert to the mountains of Korea! It is non a individual wall but a series of walls built over a clip span of over one thousand old ages. The wall was built and rebuilt many times throughout the ages. Seventy Percent of China & # 8217 ; s population was involved in constructing the Qin subdivision of the wall! Different constructing techniques were used to construct the wall. Such as a mixture of reed, sand, and H2O assorted to organize 4-inch beds one by one until the wall was in full signifier ; this technique was used in the Gobi desert subdivision. During the Ming dynasty the wall was built utilizing bricks made in kilns.

These bricks are the quality of current masonry bricks. The Ming part of the wall is the part of the wall that is known greatly to modern society because of the lastingness of the edifice techniques.Culturally, the Wall is an point that has been the prototype of a representation of a society that has changed vastly through clip. & # 8220 ; No, the wall is non for modern usage ; it is an ancient fossil-the largest dodo on the planet. But dodos are utile and true. It is the spliting line between two civilisations, and between two eras.

& # 8221 ; ( Geil, Page # ) These quotation mark sums up the extent that the Great Wall can be related to anthropology. This is an of import construct.Politically, the wall is something that has been used to intimidate, ask for, and shun people, whether inside the restraints of the wall or on the exterior.

Shi Huang Ti was a autocrat, an astonishing leader thatbrought together civilizations and turned them into 1. “…the cardinal societal and cultural integrity which is China has remained unbroken.” ( Clark, 64 ) He brought together a society through force, forcefully conveying in all outside Lords into one cardinal civilisation and restraining them into a metropolis surrounded by walls.Economically, the Wall has been an point of great success.

It has successfully drawn trade paths and even the celebrated Silk Roads. There wasn & # 8217 ; t a pick for foreigners to convey anything into the state without traveling through the Great Wall and its keepers.Militaristically the wall is a chef-d’oeuvre, pure mastermind. Forty Five Hundred stat mis long, beacon towers every 15 to thirty stat mis, the usage of fume signals, and an estimated force of one million work forces! There is nil that the wall couldn & # 8217 ; t halt. & # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; Greatest defence construction of all time designed and constructed by world & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; ( ) There is no manner to depict it better.

The arrest and ejection of the Xiongnu ( Crushed during the Han dynasty ) , a force to the north proves this.The wall represents all facets of the anthropological civilization. The Wall shows what I feel is the greatest facet of anthropology ; this is that everything can be linked together in one manner or another.

With the probe of the Great Wall of China and its civilization context it has lead me to a better apprehension of the nature of civilization and how civilization works. It has done this through a few different ways. First of wholly, it has lead me to recognize that civilization is non merely about a few certain points that are physically seeable or metaphorically apprehensible. I now see that you can non understand something wholly without a complete probe of the topic ; whether it be a individual, a society, or a physical point. Sing the truth behind something is an project that requires thought and a willingness to be unfastened to anything and everything. We are all the same. I believe this, & # 8220 ; We all come from the same topographic point, we all end up in the same topographic point, but were all so different mediate, but no affair what happens were all the same.

No 1 is better than another individual, be unfastened and ready to be shocked by a difference me and you. But don & # 8217 ; t allow it gull you. Everyone is particular and we all add a rock to the wall of life. The best wall is one that is positive and strong. But this wall must be passable ; it must hold an gap that anyone can go through through. But the lone people that will happen the door through are the 1s that are willing to be unfastened themselves! & # 8221 ; There are so many positions, thoughts, and facets of wall due to its utmost complexness, culturally and archeologically. Everything can be linked to everything! This is the ultimate anthropological truth.

The Great Wall is genuinely great.Bibliography:Internet beginningsRause, Vince 1999Secrets of the Great Wall. 1996-2000www. Gallery of Art Washington, D.C. beginningsChang, Kwang-chih1968 The Archeology of Ancient ChinaYale University Press, New Haven & A ; LondonClark, Grover1935 The Great Wall CrumblesThe MacMillan Company, New YorkFeinman, Gary & A ; Price, Douglas T.1997 Images of the PastUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonMayfield Publishing Company Mountain View California, London, TorontoGeil, William Edgar1909 The Great Wall of ChinaNew York: Sturgis & A ; Walton CompanyNai, HsaiPeking 1974 New Archeological Finds in ChinaForeign Languages Press


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