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Great effort has been made on Mobile Payment. According to statista (2018), the total revenue of global mobile payment that market value has increased 280B USD since 2015. Moreover, the transaction value also increased 121M USD since 2016. In addition, the user of Mobile Payment has raised 99M from the time of 2016 and the number was expected to amount to 977.2M by 2020. The transaction per user has climbed to 731.39 USD per user. In 2015 also known as the first year of mobile payment in Taiwan, Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission issued The Act Governing Electronic Payment Institutions.

After the announcement more and more technology firms, startups and traditional financial institutions started to devote themselves to this market. Since then, the accumulative value of digital payment has reached 870M NTD. Among of 870M NTD, mPOSs’ transaction has reached 734 million. Despite the endeavor, Taiwan still has a long way to go. Take Sweden as an example, no matter where you go, you can easily pay your check with a tap and slide.

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What’s more, the Sweden authority has become the most “cashless” country. However, in Taiwan, the most payment methods are still cash, credit card or e-checks.To customers, the first condition that they will take into account is security and data protection (Mbogo 2010; Bamsak 2011; ??X 2013; PwC 2017). From the perspective of Security, an enormous improvement has been made.

Take Visa Token as an example, Visa stated that Visa Token can transform credit card’s information to a series of code in order to decrease the risk of being hacked. Because of the new safety technology, user are less concerned about the security (Pwc 2017). According to MIC’s report, there are 80.

2% of customer hold positive standpoint on the willingness of Mobile Payment utilization (??? 2016). Therefore finding what customer care is definitely the key to attract more user. 


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