Graduate Degree Admission Essay

Graduate Degree Admission EssayThroughout my life I have had an interest in business and marketing and as I grew up and attended college my interest in this field grew even more, especially my interest in international trade and marketing.

Having grown up in Korea and attended Kyung Hee University in Seoul, I realized that by obtaining an education in this realm of business I would be better able to accomplish my goals and become the type of business person that could be a success in the new global marketplace. The world is becoming smaller through the use of technology and globalization and I feel that the study of international trade in Korea, and a MBA from your university, will be very useful as international relations become more important to the economy. My experiences in other countries and my work experience have prepared me for a graduate degree in this field, and it will definitely help me develop personally and professionally as a successful contributor to the global marketplace.One of the most important aspects of my life thus far has been my ability and interest in traveling and experiencing different cultures and people.

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Throughout my life I have taken advantage of every opportunity presented to me to experience new places. To prepare for a job that would involve international, and especially American, trade I studied English in Vancouver, British Columbia and Ann Arbor, Michigan and am bilingual in Korean and English. I have visited many other countries, including Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, China and New Zealand, each visit bringing me new personal experiences that I can use to develop as a person, both professionally and personally.

My experiences communicating with and learning about people from around the world has given me a firm foundation on which I can build a career in International Marketing, with the training and education I will receive at your university.When I came to the United States three years ago I took the time to acclimate myself to the culture, the people, and the language. I came to America with a Bachelors degree in International Commerce and during my time there I took many different courses that have prepared me for pursuing an MBA, including Seminar in International Business, International Commerce and Economics courses, Global Business Strategy and Management of Trade Information Systems. With this education and my background in international marketing I obtained a position with Donald J.

Ulrich Associates, Inc. in 2004. During my employment there I was able to get an inside look at many different aspects of business and marketing, and was about to learn about market surveys, forecasting, feasibility reports, and professional sales in a real world environment. After leaving this position I had the opportunity to intern for Hanwha Europe and learned about the European automotive market.

Most recently I have obtained a position as Marketing Manager at Hyo Seong America Corp., a company that manufactures blower motors. Here, I am experiencing all aspects of the international business market and am able to delve into the customer service and sales aspect of Korean and American business. For me, my work experiences have greatly contributed to my preparation for graduate study and my desire to learn even more about international business as it pertains to Korean businesses has grown over time.Obtaining my graduate degree and the skills I gain during my time pursuing an MBA will add to the experiences I’ve already accumulated through my educational, social and work experiences. I feel that one of the most important things in life is an education and learning as much as one can in order to have the best chance of being successful, especially in business and marketing. As a MBA student I look forward to sharing my experiences with others and learning from other students as well as the professors and the coursework.

I know that your university has an excellent program and that there is no better place to learn about international marketing in Korea. Your university is known for challenging its students to work hard and apply the skills they learn to real world experiences, something that I strongly believe in and deeply desire for my own life.         One of my greatest desires in life is to succeed in my professional life.

I know that obtaining a degree from your institution will help me achieve that goal and that I will be able to contribute to the environment at your institution as a student because of my past experiences, especially my life in South Korea, my travels around the world and my work experience with businesses that have strong relations with international markets. Not only would I be able to learn from the degree but I could be a dynamic presence in your program. I look forward to the challenge of being a student at your institution. 


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