Graduate Admission Essay

Graduate Admission.The Wagner Graduate School of Public Service is the largest graduate school of public service in the nation, therefore my academic interest fell on this educational establishment without any hesitations. The prefect opportunities which Wagner School offers make it the most desirable institution for me to attend.

I have always wanted to study public service because there is nothing more important than serving the nation and working at its public institutions. I’m positive that I can be of the most use in this very field because it has always been my dream to work at a government agency, or healthcare institution. I need to get the most advanced education in order to achieve my goal, and Wagner Graduate School of Public Service is the best chance for me to obtain the skills which I need. I already imagine how much satisfaction I could get from working in the field of public service, how much inspiration it could give me, and what outstanding results I could achieve when working there. Of course, before that there will be thousands of books read by me in the university library, nights spent when studying, difficult tests written, oral answers given, exams taken, and it will not be an easy path for success.

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However, I’m looking forward to going through that. I’m ready to face any trial when studying. I’ll meet every new difficulty with even more delight than the previous one because I will know that once I have achieved my goal, I will be able to work in the field which I have always dreamt of. I know that I will get my pot of gold in the end of the rainbow, and I’m ready to fight for it.The past work and education experience makes me a perfect candidate for the admission, and the accomplishments which I have in my past experience will both serve as a background for my future studies and help me provide the research which could be beneficial for public organizations. Wagner School being one of the best in the nation, there are many students seeking to enter it.

What can you expect from me as a student? What is so extraordinary about me that will make me a distinguished student except my great desire to study? First of all, the qualities I possess- good communication skills, high determination, great problem solving skills, broad mind, creativity. The list can go on and on. I have a great ability to work in a team, good analytical skills, lots of energy.

Most importantly, I have willingness and capability to achieve all the goals, ability to acquire new skills fast.The education which I got in the previous years can provide a very useful contribution into the field of public service where I’m planning to study. During 1998-2002 I studied at Adelphi University and obtained B.S., Management & Communications and Honors Graduate, Cum Laude.

I also went through Management Development program (Day to Day Leadership skills, Performance Review Process, Interview Guide for Managers). It was difficult to study sometimes but I faced the challenge with honor.Of course, my work experience which is very large can also serve as a plus for my personality. I worked at a few different positions, and each of them was exciting and challenging for me in some way.

For a while, I was working as an Assistant Branch Manager/Certified Consumer Lender. The responsibilities which I had at work included, among others, leading the delivery in retail sales and service to customers; coordinating staffing and work schedules. I was supervising twenty two employees in the branch; training and coaching a successful team through staff development and positive reinforcement. I helped staff with new loan applications by training and coaching, and managed customer flow by coordinating or acting as a floor manager. This job helped me to improve my working and communication skills very much.When working as an Operations Supervisor, I was going through a very different kind of experience which was very beneficial for me. I had to expedite new employee training by creating a “mentoring” program and developing a self-taught training manual.

These techniques have increased trainee confidence and enabled them to assume customer service responsibilities. I also created quality control standards to exchange service provided to internal and external customers, supervised new trainees, and thirteen employees in the branch. I created a management process to follow up on customer complaints. The utilization of this process enhanced the customer’s image of State Bank of Long Island. Judging from the number of responsibilities which I had and the quality of my work, it’s easy to conclude that I was very useful in the company.The position of Sales Representative/Business Developer was very interesting for me, too. I performed all aspects of sales, service, local marketing, administration, and branch employee development; developed new products, including a new credit line for business accounts, and debit cards.

As a member of the branch team, I helped team attain and exceed customer service goals by minimizing customer wait times. I met with the customers and opened a variety of savings, time deposits, IRA and checking accounts.All of the working and academic experiences I had prepared me for my future career, and in many ways defined my final choice of public services. I would like to work in the public field such as city, hospital, or government side. Financial managers measure the flow of funds into and out of the organization, plan for investments in buildings and new technology, and forecast future surpluses and deficits for the organization as a whole and its various departments. Financial managers work closely with accountants, administrators, computer programmers, records managers and planners whose decisions have a considerable impact on the financial status of organizations.

They, in turn, rely upon the financial manager’s skills and advice to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities. I’m sure the skills which I have acquired already will be very beneficial for the public field, and I’m waiting impatiently to apply them.


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