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Good teaching and the best curriculumare of little significance if students do not attend school regularly andpunctually.

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential and mandatory toall students, except in extenuating circumstances (See 4. For extenuatingconditions). Establishing good attendance habits helps better prepare youngpeople towards being a productive member of the society. We want to establishuniform guidelines that will ensure consistence and fair approach to solvingattendance problems and issues that may arise concerning it. Therefore, we havedeveloped the following attendance policy.

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  1.     AttendanceRegular attendance and punctuality are essential and mandatory to allstudents, except in extenuating circumstances (See 4. For extenuating conditions). Parents/ guardians are requiredto drop off their child/ward at the school gate and hand them over to theappropriate authority except for child/ward which the school has taken theresponsibility to transport to school.

 2.     Pre-approved absences and dismissalsContactand agreement must be made between the school and the parent/guardian on theday of the absence or confirmation of absence must be secured upon thestudent’s return to school.Thefollowing include pre-approved absences/dismissals: A.      1. Medical circumstances or injurywhich requires the student to remain at home. A prolonged absence of more than3 days in a week or a pattern of excessive absence due to illness may require adoctor’s note at the discretion of his/her designee.2. Death in the family which requirethe student’s presence at home3.

School sponsored activities,including field trips, excursions, competitions etc. 4. Expulsion and out of schoolsuspension 5. Such others that the designeejudges warranted6. Approved sporting activity7. Approved external examinationparticipation B.

In case of illness or other emergencies necessitatingearly dismissal, the school would notify parent/guardian or designatedemergency person, if it is possible to do so, before dismissing pupil. No pupilshall be dismissed from the school ground without the approval of the Head ofSchool/ designee3.     Un- approved absencesAllother absences with or without written explanation shall be consideredun-approved.

These includes family vacation or trips.   4.     Extenuating conditionsStudents can only miss more than two days of academic work inthe school due to the following extenuating conditions.1.      Sickness or illness that requires thestudent to remain at home or in hospital2.      Death in the family3.      Court appearance4.      Other conditions the designee/ HOSmight find appropriate  5.

     ResponsibilitiesIfa student is going to miss more than two days of academic work, it is the dutyof the parent/guardian of the child/ward to inform the appropriate schoolauthority in person, via telephone or email. Itis the responsibility of the teacher to:A.      Keep accurate attendance recordsB.      Provide a schedule of assignments andmake-up work when appropriate: It is the HOS/ Principals responsibility to:A.      Enforce this policyB.      Communicate this policy to staff,students and parentsC.

      Follow through on unexcused absencesand scheduled deadlines It is the student’s responsibility to:A.     Completemissed classwork assigned on the day of absence within a stipulated timeassigned by the designee. They must also be prepared to participate inpreviously announced tests/quizzes/assignments immediately upon return toschool, unless stipulated by the designee/Head of School/ Principal.


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