GodessesWhoresWivesAnd Slaves Essay Research Paper Sarah Pomeroy

Godesses, Whores, Wives, And Slaves Essay, Research PaperSarah Pomeroy asked herself the inquiry, & # 8220 ; What were adult females making while work forces were active in all the countries traditionally emphasized by classical bookmans? .

& # 8221 ; This inquiry is the ground for her book Goddesses, Whores, Wives and Slaves, Women in Classical Antiquity. Pomeroy fundamentally wanted to compose a book to state what adult females were making during Greek and Roman times. This is the first book written in English devoted wholly to the topic. Pomeroy covers about 15 hundred old ages get downing during Bronze Age and ends with the decease of Constantine in A.D. 337. The book is broken down into 10 chapters that start with Goddesses and Gods and so travels through clip come oning to the adult females of Rome and Late Republic. Pomeroy does a really good occupation of depicting all sides of life that adult females went through during these old ages of antiquity.

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The book begins with mythology Supreme beings and Goddesses. Mythology gives theGreeks some of their positions of adult females and how they are to be treated. Even with rubrics ofGoddesses, Aphrodite, Hestia, Athena and Artemis are still capable to the male God Zeus. Some of the Goddesses were born of adult male, non of adult female, demoing that adult females weren & # 8217 ; t even of import or needed in kid baring.The Bronze Age brings with it unwritten traditions of history and storytelling, this tied with difficult grounds gives some information on how adult females were viewed by work forces. In the narrative of Homer & # 8217 ; s Illiad, the ten-year war is fought over a adult female ( Helen ) . Womans were viewed as belongings, they were won in competitions and used for payment of debt. Through the Bronze and Dark Ages, and the full Archaic period, adult females were treated reasonably muchthe same was changing some from metropolis to city.

Pomeroy describes many types of adult females who lived during Classical Greek times. Not needfully different races of adult females, but different categories of adult females. There where citizen adult females, this was a adult female who was born in the metropolis who had parents that were citizens. To stay a citizen, a adult female had to either get married a citizen or non get married at all. There were besides slave adult females. Slave adult females worked around the house and most male slaves were sent to work and decease in the mines.

Woman slaves were wet nurses, housekeepers and babysitters. Women slaves were besides capable to sexual dealingss with the adult male of the house. A free adult male could hold sexual intercourse with his married woman, his slaves, and with other males without fright of penalty. A adult female, on the other manus, could merely hold sexual intercourse with her hubby. From the clip a adult female is even get downing in life in her female parent & # 8217 ; s womb she will endure at the manus of males. If a female survived abortion, it was up to the male parent on whether or non to maintain her. Females were seen as a load or merely another cost to the male parent. Male kids were needed at all times, there was barely doubt about allowing a male kid unrecorded unless the kid was weak or sallow.

Females were merely needed for baring kids, doing vesture and taking attention of the homestead. When a girl was ready for matrimony around the age of 14, her male parent would hold to provide her with a dowery, if a male parenthad several girls that meant several doweries, so male parents frequently chose to kill females at birth.Females were used to derive power through matrimonies to boies of outstanding work forces. If a adult female that was already in a affluent household she normally would get married a household relation to maintain the wealth and land within the household. As you can see adult females were thought of as belongings throughout their lives. The day-to-day life of a adult female in the Archaic period was to take attention of possible soldiers or command a slave with the undertaking. She would do vesture along with her slaves all twenty-four hours, prepare repasts and bathe their hubbies. Womans in other metropoliss did non hold to work every bit much but didn’t have any other privileges either.

Womans were non taught like the males, they weren’t even given the same sum of nutrient as males. Boys went to schools to larn rhetoric and besides exercising, adult females were non officially taught. Equally far as political power, adult females had none. Merely free citizen work forces had authorization. Womans were given some legal rights covering with divorce.

If a hubby was found guilty of criminal conversation, the married woman could disassociate him. If divorced because the adult male was at mistake, he had to refund her dowery. Women seldom went to public maps or even to pull H2O from the metropolis well.

A married woman was to direct a slave to make it as to protect the married woman from being in contact with dish the dirting adult females and besides off from contact with other men.Prostitution was a manner of life for many adult females. If male parents didn’t want to kill there newborn girl they were given away or said to hold been killed and so given away, these babes would likely turn up to be cocottes. Besides, slave misss were sold for the intent of harlotry.

Prostitution was legal and really common. Aspasia was likely the most celebrated cocotte of the clip. She was considered to be a Hetairai which is fundamentally a good educated cocotte or high-toned prostitute.Things did non better much until Roman times and so non excessively much betterment by our criterions. Women easy began to be educated, do their ain money, or have their ain land. Womans were get downing to be seen in public even holding public meetings.

With money and land comes power, non every bit equal as adult males power, but some power none the less. Roman adult females still had domestic responsibility foremost and so some societal freedom. Prostitution and bondage thrived every bit good as of all time. I believe Pomeroy has written a all right book on a subject that needs to be explored more.

It’s hard for me to understand why the topic of adult females in history has been neglected every bit long as it has. Pomeroy has compiled a batch of information on the topic and set it into a good written and cited book. The information has been at that place for old ages but non collected until this book.

It is difficult to state if the book has all elements of adult females known to adult male but it is a start and better than what we have had before it. I think it is a valuable piece of work in that it might animate others to seek their manus at what I consider to be new history. There is non much written with the female angle on history. Other voices of history demand to be heard and Pomeroy delivered a great start to the cause of women’s history.348


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