God operates by.Aquinas’s Five Proofs of God’s

    God exists. That is the truth and once that fact is clearly established, our understanding of evil is clear. Proof of God’s existence can be reached through reason alone, outside of the church. Arguments against God’s existence may be based heavily on the belief that if God were real there would be no evil in the world. However, as God’s existence is proven through logical steps of reason, so also is the existence of evil explained. Aquinas’ Five Proofs are an excellent point to start understanding God’s existence.

We can show that God exists through the complexity of our planet and by the uniformity of the laws the universe operates by.Aquinas’s Five Proofs of God’s existence through reason are the argument from motion, the argument from efficient cause, the argument from necessary being, the argument from gradation, and the argument from design. Accordingly, the argument from motion makes it clear that, since everything that moves is moved by something else, there must be a First Mover. This is God, who sets everything in motion (smp.org on Five Ways). The argument from efficient cause describes the fact that nothing can cause itself, and that everything must have a cause that creates an effect on another thing. This plainly shows us that there could be no others without a First Cause, namely, God (smp.org on Five Ways).

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Objects can exist or not exist at any particular time. Therefore, God must be the one being that exists at all times. This is the argument of necessary being (smp.org on Five Ways). Aquinas continues to prove God’s existence with the argument from gradation that describes how there are different levels of goodness in various things. Therefore, there must be a being of the highest form of good that is the point of comparison. This being is God (smp.

org on Five Ways). The fact that the universe is designed so that everything has a particular goal, shows us that the designer of the universe was intelligent. This is the argument from design and shows that God is the intelligent designer (smp.

org on Five Ways). Building off of Aquinas’ ideas we can examine the details of our planet’s perfect balance. The complexity of our planet points to a designer who created and sustains it (Adamson 1).  The Earth is the only planet that has an atmosphere that contains the exact mixture of gases necessary to sustain life. Accordingly, if the planet were smaller, it would have no atmosphere, and if it were larger its atmosphere would contain dangerous gases (Adamson 1). Earth is the exact distance from the sun to keep the planet from burning or freezing.

It stays at the perfect distance as it rotates and revolves around the sun, allowing the whole planet to be properly warmed and cooled each day (Adamson 1). These are all natural examples of a higher being’s existence and there are endless amounts of such examples in the universe. Anyone can look around themselves and see that God exists.Expounding on Aquinas’ reasoning that there must be an intelligent designer we can realize that there is no logical necessity for a universe that obeys laws and is set in a certain order (Adamson 3). Rules like the length of time the Earth takes to rotate, the constancy of gravity, and the fact that the speed of light never changes, prove that an intelligent being must have wished it to be so.

In brief, there are endless examples of God’s existence in the natural world. The actuality of God can be discovered by anyone who asks themselves the question of His existence. Those who don’t are denying themselves the truth and living a lie. Their belief that God does not exist    would have no real basis if they thought rationally about this question. As has been shown through reason and real-world examples, God exists undeniably and without a doubt.


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