Goals & Objectives Essay

Goals/ObjectivesThroughout my senior year, I have discovered that I want to be a teacher and lead others.

I am very passionate about working with kids, implementing school plans, and being the teacher I always wished for. I am a natural-born leader and do not get nervous in front of crowds, I always tend to take a leadership position within my personal life and at work. I would like to start teaching younger children and eventually work my up to high school or possibly college. I must become certified by an accredited school and receive my ECE (Early Childhood Education) certification. For the time being, I would love to job shadow or even assist a teacher at an elementary school. I have chosen education as my major and would be ecstatic to pursue it any form. I believe that filling out my FAFSA and applying to schools is vital right now. I need to find an educator to guide me in the right direction and to be a good reference.

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Once I graduate from college, I am required to complete an unpaid internship in an elementary school. I would love to attend graduate school and continue my education whilst working. Questions2.

I disagree; I believe it is not impossible to dream too big, because regardless of whether or not you succeed you must accept the fact that failure is inevitable. All you can do is get up, brush yourself off, and try again. The more dedication you have, the more likely your dream is to become a reality.4. A wish is something that is possibly unattainable, such as wishing for a star. A goal is something that every individual has: confidence they can succeed at their goal.

When you set a goal, you are truly saying to yourself that you will and can achieve it.5. I decide what my priorities are in my life, and then I determine what goals I want to achieve based on what has the greatest benefit.6.

I believe I have set many goals that are Unrealistic for me to achieve, but I do not regret them because one cannot dream too long, too hard, or too fast. Dreaming is what keeps everyone on their toes, and ever changing. I have learned from making unrealistic decisions, they do not always have a great outcome, but a lesson always shortly follows.7. I believe it is okay to take risks when the benefit outweighs the cost, but when it is opposite I believe that taking those types of risks are not okay.8. I have gone out on a limb and risked failure to achieve a goal before and learned that even if the risk isn’t worth it to begin with, you will ultimately be rewarded by the universe.9.

I cannot recall a time where I turned a failure into a success, although I know it is possible.10. Failing is going out and taking risks and having them fall through, being a failure is not trying at all.11. If you do not accomplish your goals it does not make you a failure because your willpower which keeps you going and driven should not allow you to give up after failing, trying over and over again until you succeed is very important.

12. I believe not setting your expectations too high is a way to prepare for disappointments, but once you are disappointed you must pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and try again until you reach your goal.13. My personal definition of success includes being happy and being able to prosper in the work environment, I truly enjoy being able to be successful and satisfied.14.

I believe it is a great idea to set goals because goals lead you to places you want to go, they are vehicles which transport you from having an idea to implementing a new product. Setting goals truly teaches one that reality and dreams are closer than you think.


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