Globalization of Non-Western Cultures Essay

Globalization is an of import construct for many capitalist.

It is the procedure of developing an integrated society where interchange of civilization. merchandises and universe position are recognized. Globalization could convey progresss in engineering and economic development to many states.

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It brings greater mutuality and consciousness among the people of the universe. Aside from these benefits. globalisation could besides impact any country’s mutuality for economic system and civilization.

In this paper. illustrations of native non-Western civilizations that have been impacted by globalisation will be discussed and one of those illustrations will be farther analyzed. China is an illustration of non-Western civilization that has been impacted by the globalisation. The impact of globalisation in China chiefly affected their economic system.From a civilization that chiefly relied on economic autonomy. China has transformed to a progressive economic system that is more unfastened to merchandise and foreign economic system ( Overholt. 2005 ) .

Another non-Western civilization that has been impacted by globalisation is India. Globalization altered the position and intervention to adult females within the male-dominant society. With globalisation. there is the power to deracinate the traditional positions towards adult females so they can take equal stance in the society. Influence of Globalization in the Chinese CultureChina is really rich in its cultural heritage. Their civilization has survived for many centuries. Highlights of their civilization include peculiar festivals.

frocks. nutrients. music. etc ( Bransteller.

2006 ) . Chinese civilization was one time one of the most important oppositions of globalisation. But as traveling from one state to another in hunt for better occupations and life style. people meet other nationalities and consequences to cultural diffusion.

Influence of globalisation in the Chinese civilization has caused by several factors. First to act upon the Chinese economic system and civilization is the West. It has greatly influenced the Chinese civilization. merely like its impact all over the universe. The free trade policies are besides a factor. With these. more merchandises of other states are imported by China. therefore represent the civilization of other states.

Diversity besides vastly influenced Chinese civilization with respects to its music. nutrient. linguistic communication. vesture and other traditions. Media plays a great function in pull stringsing many civilizations.

Outside factors and thoughts were brought into China which causes major alterations in life style of Chinese people. Effectss of GlobalizationGlobalization has had its major effects on the Chinese civilization. Their moralss and economic system is one of the major positive impacts.

After sing globalisation. the Chinese economic system became one of the most comfortable economic systems in the universe. The chief factor that brought benefits for the Chinese economic system due to globalisation is that interchange of merchandises which widens their international market.

Due to globalisation. a new dimension of trade was introduced and more Chinese merchandises were exported to the markets all over the universe ( Gao. 2003 ) . This earns them foreign exchange and gives other states awareness about their heritage. And with variegation. Chinese civilization was given new ways and options to make a certain occupation.

The chief consequence of globalisation to the Chinese economic system is the broadening of market.However. globalisation has besides had some negative effects. Adoption of western civilization as their ain and disposition to western cultural heritage were major effects. Chinese people misinterpret Modernization as Westernization. Westernization has altered some of the Chinese rich civilization and other establishments.

Education system of China was altered. The traditional Chinese course of study was replaced by new course of studies and classs. Clothing was besides changed. Peoples preferred have oning denims and jerseies instead than have oning cheongsams and coats.

Another major consequence is on nutrient. Globalization caused the replacings of traditional Chinese eating houses with fast nutrient ironss. China’s Response to GlobalizationMany of the major metropoliss in China have rapidly embraced globalisation. The chief grounds of Chinese response to globalisation is the developing urbanisation.

Major metropoliss of China have been massively populated due to the rapid interchange of merchandises which brought many chances for trades and occupations. Although China has joined the globalisation system tardily. this does non impede their success in the universe economic system today. With much more enthusiasm.

China’s economic system is more unfastened than those of other states. China adjusts its internal constructions as it participates in the globalisation. Indeed. with the integrating into the universe economic system. Beijing pursuits the end to play an active function in puting regulations of universe economic system ( Lardy. 1994 ) .

The Chinese policy towards globalisation is besides a power policy. It aims at increasing China’s influence on the universe personal businesss. Today.

China is directing missions throughout the universe to seek for the best pattern. Aside from foreign engineering and foreign corporate direction techniques. China besides adapts a broad assortment of foreign establishments and patterns. Though China entered the universe economic system that is dominated by the West. the Chinese leading is seemingly winning enterprises in making a new universe order ( Lardy. 1994 ) . A more active China is take parting in the universe trade because of this ground.

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