Globalization and Media Essay

Introduction            Globalization is described how places and people across the globe are growing more connected with each other economically, politically, and culturally with the advent of modern communication, transportation and other advanced infrastructures.            The mass media is among the areas that have been affected by globalization over the years. The media our grandparents were acquainted decades ago is different from the media this generation is presented today.            The Internet has emerged as the new media today. It is a technology that hopes to make things a lot easier where any needed information is made available at the click of a mouse.

This generation is fortunate in the sense because the generations before it have created a better working environment with the availability of the Internet.            However, this technology in media has given users not just independence but limitations as well. This paper will present some of the issues facing the development and extension of Internet as a media technology. Will it qualify as another facet of the vast branches of mass media?Globalization and Media            Schechter believes that globalization has developed disparity and environmental reduction as it progresses (2000). This goes to show that the technology that is the Internet does not provide all the answers to the world’s questions most specifically, in mass media.            In an interview with Noam Chomsky (1996), he views globalization in media would mean “huge increases in advertising, especially of foreign commodities. Because their resources could overwhelm anything that India can have.” Chomsky said further (1996) that it means much limited attention of media sources “diversity and information will decline, media will get more and more advertiser-oriented.

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”            The Internet is now being termed as the new media as viewed by media experts like Chomsky who is a prolific writer and a theoretician in media (1996). Chomsky believes that the media today is never been better that it were 30 years ago.            The Internet is such an interesting ‘media technology’ in a sense because it cuts the time in gathering information, it makes things a lot easier as well.

ButConclusion            We should come up with a distinguishing focus on media as a primary force in processes of globalization without reverting into either ceremonial reprehension of media establishments or simplistic hopefulness about media technologies leading in an era of global embrace and connectedness.In efforts to recognize the connection of media with globalization, attempts were made to bring up some better theoretical concerns but based them in practical examinations of media as the definite channels of meaning and values.            The Internet is such an improved technology and probably among globalization’s greatest brainchild. However, it should be remembered that it is not everything. It should come to mind that the society or the audience of this particular media is also human beings who must be looked upon.

The amount of information we provide them via this technology must be weighed and must be presented in such a way that it will not compromise values.            Globalization promises tremendous changes in the coming years. Like the World Wide Web, globalization will surely touch the very core of media.

Every one of us is easily connected and this is happening right in our very eyes. Communication has never been this fast and easy. But we must keep in mind that there will be unwanted fruits so we must always keep ourselves ready.            Surely, there will come a time when everything man needs will be readily available to him at a snap. News and information is now accessible via the Internet.

News organizations have set up their own websites where millions of Internet users visit every day. News sources are now being served online for free.              But as mentioned earlier, the technology has its advantages as well as disadvantages attached to it, we just got to watch out for this.


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