Global Motivating Youth Club (MYC) at school,

Global LeadershipIn my opinion, a global leader is the one who has a high, strong and clear vision that has a potential to make a difference in the society and the ability to make other people understand and share that vision.  A global leader must be motivated and have a positive outlook towards life and the idea towards his/her team is working on participating in several different kinds of extra-curricular activities has actively helped me imbibe qualities of what I think a global leader must have.Having been the President of the Motivating Youth Club (MYC) at school, I have become more dynamic, proactive and open-minded. Being the President has taught me several essential skills such as how to mentor fellow students, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking skills. It has not only taught me to lead and motivate others but also helped me face challenges effectively. Also, the other thing that my experience of being the President of the MYC has taught me is that inspiring people to work is much more critical for a leader than to control the team.

Working as a Young Member of the Junior Academy of the New York Academy of Sciences, I have learned how to brainstorm ideas with teammates, how to work efficiently as a team, and how working with a diverse team of people can give birth to new, exciting ideas as the amount of diversity the program has is tremendous.Moreover, it has allowed me to explore new cultures and traditions and helped me to understand the value of diversity in the world and have a multiple – perspective outlook.Another experience which has helped me shape my future goals is being a volunteer of the Eco Club of the school. It not only taught me about the value of taking care of environment but also of the underprivileged people of society.

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In one of the tours, our team visited one of the most backward slums of the city.  I was astonished to find that they didn’t even have access to the most fundamental education or awareness about their own identity.Since being exposed to this problem, I have always wanted to work to change this reality. In my opinion, this issue could be helped by increasing the accessibility of technology. The Internet would bring access to online education, helping people find what they are genuinely passionate about and work to excel in it.To turn ideas into innovative solutions, people need to work collaboratively with teammates and leaders.

Having a considerable amount of leadership and teamwork experience, I think I would be able to help a lot of people by providing them with cheap access to technology and internet. I plan to do this by recognizing the main parts that are used to build devices such as Laptops and then figuring out cheap yet durable alternatives that could be used for the project.Being a member of the Eco Club, I have also had the opportunity to visit a number of persons who unfortunately are homeless. These are people who lack a roof for shelter and basic human amenities. Having had to talk and share their life experiences, I concluded that these people need some help.

I thought of coming up with a program that would work at preventing such cases from increasing in the future as well as those suffering from the same situation. In most of my visits, I discovered that a large number of those affected are elderly persons. This, therefore, prompted me to design a system that was able to educate members of most likely communities to be affected.

The main aim of this education was to encourage young persons to involve themselves in programs that would prepare them for retirement. This reinvigorated them to placing savings on retirement funds that would benefit them in future. Poverty has also played a huge part in the increase of homeless people. Therefore, to solve this menace, the program was to work towards ensuring that people in these communities were able to access education so that they can fetch for themselves through employment.Moreover, due to poverty, most of the young members of these communities have involved themselves in criminal activities and drug abuse. Due to this facts, I suggested to the club to incorporate counseling sessions to affected victims by involving them in activities that added value to both the community and them as individuals.

Through sheer dedication in the participation of such groups, I have earned respect from both my peers and that of the school administration. My involvement in developing the community towards development has always been my dream, and by positively affecting people’s lives, I am privileged beyond measure. Serving others has always been my joy, and as a future leader, I am always humbled by these acts. Though such inspiration, I believe that I am striving on the right path of being a Global leader.The Eco Club has impacted how I perceive different environments that surround us.

This has led me to gain interest in furthering my humanitarian characters and focus on aiding the community in any way that I can. This will be the opportunity I have always longed for to give back to the community. Determined as I am, it is the high chance that I register an organization that will deal with disadvantaged people of the community and ensures that their voices and need for equality are herd and met. Not only will the organization help in supporting the needy, but also work in ensuring that it services those who are affected by HIV and AIDS. The aim is to guarantee those suffering from these conditions are well educated and counseled to ensure that they live a normal life. However challenging the tasks ahead seem to be, I believe that with a focused mind and the will to lead others in having a community that is worth living in, I will eventually attain these dreams at the end.


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