Global greenhouse gases. So Controlling energy use,

     Globalwarming, caused by the emissions of greenhouse gases(GHGs) that trap solar heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, has major impacts onboth people and the environment. In the most countries, the building industryis responsible for nearly half of all climate change emissions. It resultsharmful no recycled substances and consumes more energy than any other sector;the energy consumed by the building sector is related to the constructionmethod, materials and technique utilized during a building construction. Mostof this energy is produced from burning fossil fuels, making this sector is thelargest emitter of greenhouse gases. So Controlling energy use, emissions and generated wastehave become the best solution for global warming mitigation.That make me realize how it is important to stroke this area by studying andresearch to find techniques that help in that issue.

     Theresearch is divided into three parts which review this issue as follows:     Global Warming and Architecture: this part gives an overview of global warmingphenomenon and the environmental impacts of building, construction sector whicheffect on increasing global warming and Environmental architectural trendswhich discuss Contemporaryand new environmental architectural trends concepts, principles, and analyzetheir Strategies for reducing the negative impacts of building sector.     Triple Zero Architecture and Global Warming Solutions: this part studies theconcept of Triple Zero Architecture As a global warmingsolution and examines the potential of achieving triple zero buildings by usingthe integration of contemporary environmental architectural strategies and theNew Technologies, Methods and Materials Possibilities.     Analytical and Implementing case studies:this part analyzes some existing projects which achieved at least one zero andevaluates the effectiveness of the project strategies, and applies triple zerobuilding criteria on an existing case study using computer simulation programsto explain the performance of Various strategies and its role in achievingtriple zero building.

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