Global apartheid revised Essay

Global apartheid is the global racism. Where the First World countries like the United States of America are given privileges and Third World countries like Africa are being treated very unfairly.

It is perhaps a human trait to be discriminating. Is it part of the culture that has been inbred for generations to be discriminating of things in particular or is it an inexcusable flaw that we must learn to dispel?America is a country that a lot of people go to. People from Third World countries even call it the “the land of dreams”. But because of the unjust racism that Americans with their seemingly condescending attitudes give to the citizens of lesser countries, it is not so. The land of dreams becomes a land of loneliness and broken dreams, where the most minor offenses turn a dreamer’s paradise into hell. And it is not metaphorically speaking at all.Global apartheid “…is an international system of minority rule whose attributes include: differential access to basic human rights…” (Booker)The manners in which Americans treat Iraq citizens, African-Americans and perhaps even Mexicans are just not right. Why are the laws imposed on whit Americans so much more lenient to the?m than the African-Americans? Why does the American government expect every single bomb threats to be an Iraq citizen’s doing? Why are African-Americans given unjust treatments? Why are their rights so hard to avail, or better yet, so non-existent? The facts are in fact staggering as I quote; “In 1993, persons of West Indian, Guyanese, and African ancestry made up 11 percent of all prisoners, while they represent a mere 1.

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8 percent of the country’s population ages 18 to 39.” (Wacquant) The same happens all over the world. A country’s treatment to immigrants is simply stricter and the slightest offense’s punishment is equivalent to that of a born citizen’s astounding crime.What is actually more disappointing is the unfairness to these lesser people since “access to lifesaving medicines and care for people living with HIV [Human Immunodeficiency  Virus] and AIDS [Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome]  have been largely determined by race, class, gender and geography.” (Booker) HIV and AIDS are so rampant in Africa because of the lack of information. The disease gets worse because of the lack of resources to heal it. It spreads out because African’s don’t really know how to prevent it, they probably don’t even know the genetic structure of it! In a normal point of view, how can the color of a person’s skin or his language matter so much that he actually looses the right to have added years to his life.

How can it affect his right to freedom and fair judgement and trials?Sallie Booker wrote; “how much more can the world take? …

We should make it plain that genuine globalization in that global democracy replaces global apartheid… AIDS make it plain. The fight against global apartheid is a matter of life and death for much of humankind and for the very concept of our common humanity.” (Booker)A lot of life has been affected and a lot of humans have lost their rights and mistreated. Many have spent years of suffering. Where exactly will these end? “Historically, as long as black crime was concentrated within black communites, it was generally of little concern to law enforcement.

Blacks were essentially unrepresented among law enforcement officials and political leadership, and so there was little sensitivity or interest in devoting resources to communities viewed as second-class. When black crimes spilled over white communities… the hand of justice was employed to its full extent. Often this had little to do with the formal mechanisms of the justice system.

..  “no cases are known in which any white man was executed for the rape of a black woman.

””  (Mauer) The unjust judgement of crimes makes crime worse. An innocent man will be bad if you judge him to be bad. He will commit crime if you sentence him for a crime not committed anyway.

Why will a good man be good if you see his every move as bad? Better yet, what makes it so bad is that he is judged because he was born of his race. Is that even right?It is very sad to think of all the innocent lives that have been sacrificed because of wrong accusations. It is heartbreaking to think of how they suffer imprisonment for crimes not really committed. It is even stupid to think of war to be a result of pride insulted, and humanity stolen.The story about men suffering very poor traveling conditions just to enter America is just devastating. They dream of a better life. They are filled with hopes of this land, only to be disappointed. They suffer under the hands of individuals who use them merely for profit only to be discovered by the government and be returned to their own land.

Making them suffer like they are mere animals who have no right to a better treatment. Is it because of a wrong done in the past or simply the mentality of America itself who seem to believe that they can actually look down their noses on lesser individuals? African-Americans are humans like them, born though of poor society perhaps, but it does not make them less human. What makes it so easy to treat them like “monkeys” when like they are simply individuals who dream of a better life? What makes it so easy to steal their rights as humans, is it their lack of education or the color of their skin?Global apartheid is simply unfair. It is not right to judge a person by his race. It is in fact a fallacy, and classified under hasty generalizations. Humanization seems to be lost with this and morality is just forgotten.

  It is perhaps not hasty to say that the problem of this century is the problem of global apartheid. It is not hasty to say either that without apartheid, there will be no terrorism. How can you blame maltreated individuals to not take revenge? It is even their right. Perhaps it is even their right to start war.Third World countries do not need discriminations. They need help, acceptance and equality.

How hard can that be?If this can not be solved, millions will die. AIDS and HIV is retroviral meaning. By retroviral, it means that it replicates all on its own. Every HIV and AIDS infected mother who gives birth will transfer the virus to the infant automatically by birth. Is this what the world is standing by to see, for the virus to work like a plague that will kill our race? Better yet, even if it does not come to that, are we just going to stand by watching millions of Africans die?People dream of world peace. How can this happen with racial discriminations? Women have fought for equality. Third World countries are fighting for democracy.

And yet, maybe it is now too late. Generations of Africans have already experienced the brutality of the American’s hands, many have died. How can they forgive and forget? Americans have also experienced a taste of the African’s revenge, will they ever consider this to be just fair? World peace may be impossible just yet, and as long global apartheid exists, it will be for a lot, lot longer.

It is not easy for the victimized to suddenly just an accept an apology. Nor is it easy for the sinner to realize he was wrong. Global apartheid will take a while.

It is not simply the people who must open their minds and understand but the government most especially. Maybe then world peace will be possible. There will no longer be a paradise turn hell for anyone or for any race. All will be lands of promise.

References:Booker, W. M. a. S. “Global Apertheid.

“Mauer, M. “Race to Incarcerate.”Wacquant, L. “Suitable Enemies.”;


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