Glenn Miller And The SwingBig Band Era Essay

Glenn Miller And The Swing/Big Band Era Essay, Research PaperGlenn Miller led the most popular large set in the universe during 1939-42 and the most darling of all the swing-era orchestras.

His large set played a broad assortment of melodious music and had enormous success in every country of music. He was with the group for two old ages, and set together an gratifying and all-around show. Glenn Miller was a adult male who influenced sets greatly for old ages.Alton Glenn Miller was born on March 1, 1904 in Clarinda Iowa.

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His household had a inclination to travel often, to topographic points such as North Platte, Nebraska, and Grant City, Oklahoma. It was in Grant City that Glenn bought his first trombone, at the age of 13. He earned the money by milking cattles for $ 2 a hebdomad ( Glenn Miller Biography ) .Glenn attended high school in Fort Morgan, Colorado. He studied at the University of Colorado for 2 old ages. It was in college that his involvement in music flourished.

He continued to play the trombone, his favourite instrument. Even at his immature age, he was good plenty to play in the Boyd Senter Band in Denver. At that point his love for music took over. Miller dropped out of school and went to the West seashore to seek his fortune at being a instrumentalist.Miller played with many little sets until he had the chance to fall in Ben Pollack & # 8217 ; s orchestra in 1926. At that clip the set included such well-known instrumentalists asLoschiavo 4Benny Goodman, Gill Robin, Fud Livingston, and Dick Morgan. In September of 1926, the Pollack Band went into the recording studios and worked on & # 8220 ; When I First Met Mary & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; Deed I Do & # 8221 ; .

These were likely the first record agreements that Glenn Miller wrote. He stayed with the set until it went to New York in 1928 ( Glenn Miller Story ) .It was so that he married his early love, Helen Berger, and moved with her to Manhattan. In the coming old ages, he developed his endowment by working with Red Nichols in cavity orchestras, as Smith Ballew & # 8217 ; s musical manager, and with the Dorsey Brothers. In 1934, Miller helped organize Ray Noble & # 8217 ; s American Orchestra, which shortly became popular through wireless broadcasts.

Miller was the lead trombone player and organizer.In 1937, he left the set, and his ain popularity among large set circles enabled him to organize his ain set, the Glenn Miller Orchestra. They brought out a few records, and went on circuit, but the effort was doomed from the start. He could non maintain the orchestra together and had to allow all but four instrumentalists go.

What Miller needed was his ain hallmark to separate him from the other sets. In 1938, with encouragement from friends, he gave it another attempt, and Miller built up his new orchestra on the footing of the four staying instrumentalists Hal McIntyre ( alto ) , Rolly Bundock ( bass ) , Chummy MacGregor ( piano ) and Bob Price ( Glenn Miller Story ) . This clip Miller was lucky plenty to be supported by one of the most of import bureaus of the General Artists corporation and to obtain a record contract with RCA Victor & # 8217 ; s Budget Bluebird Label.

Glenn Miller once more went on circuit. At this clip, he had the separating feature inLoschiavo 5his music of holding a clarinet double the Sax tune an octave higher. Times however, were hard until the large discovery came in 1939.The General Artist Corporation managed to acquire Miller an battle at the Glen Island Casino New Rochelle. Glenn Miller & # 8217 ; s clip had come: on May 17 the set played its first dark to a sold-out house and by the terminal of the battles all box-office records had been broken.From there they traveled to Baltimore at the beginning of September. At Baltimore & # 8217 ; s Hippodrome Theater all records were once more broken.

The orchestra returned to New York and played in forepart at the largest audience in the metropolis & # 8217 ; s history at the New York State Fare. On September 9, he broke Guy Lombardo & # 8217 ; s record attending from the twelvemonth 1931 and on October 6 helped Carnegie Hall to accomplish new record gross. The recording was besides traveling full swing. Four records per hebdomad were being recorded by the orchestra. It was during Thursdayis period, on April 4, that Miller’s signature melody “Moonlight Serenade” was recorded, every bit good as “Little Brown Jug” on April 10, and “In the Mood” on August 1 ( ”Glenn Miller” ) .At the terminal of 1939, the orchestra began a series of radio broadcasts ( sponsored by the Chesterfield Cigarette Company ) that was the last for two old ages and nine months. The orchestra was heard three times a hebdomad on the wireless and shared the top of the hit parade with the legendary Andrew Sisters for the first 13 hebdomads.

In 1941 twentieth Century Fox produced the movie & # 8220 ; Sun Valley Serenade & # 8221 ; and the orchestra played & # 8220 ; I Know Why & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; It Happened in Sun Valley & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; Chattanooga ChooLoschiavo 6Choo & # 8221 ; . Glenn Miller sold more than a million records with the last of these Numberss and received his first & # 8220 ; Golden Record & # 8221 ; . The undermentioned twelvemonth the orchestra took portion in the movie & # 8220 ; Orchestra Wives & # 8221 ; and played & # 8220 ; Bugle Call Rag & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; Serenade In Blues & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; At Last & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; ve Got A Gal In Kalamazoo & # 8221 ; ( Glenn Miller Biography ) .

In 1942, at the pinnacle of his calling, Glenn Miller joined the US Air Force. He began his service on October 7 with the rank of captain. He planned to organize an orchestra to entertain the military personnels, and to make so he combined two Air Force Orchestras to make a mammoth set.

The new orchestra included many well-known names. The & # 8220 ; American Band of the Allied Expeditionary Forces & # 8221 ; & # 8211 ; as the new Glenn Miller Band was now officially named- came ashore at Gourock, Scotland. On June 9 Glenn Miller gave the first of many wireless broadcasts for the Allied military personnels. Four yearss subsequently the orchestra performed their first successful concert at the Thurleigh Heavy Bombardment Base. Yet, there was to be merely one more concert.

This took topographic point at the former Stoll Theater in London. .On the afternoon of December 15, Miller drove to an RAF-Base and took off in a individual engine plane to predate his set to Paris. The conditions was predicting. It was dreadfully cold, dazed and moisture. Not really confident, he said to the pilot,& # 8220 ; Maybe we ought to name this off? & # 8221 ;The flight officer ribbed him about his fright of winging,& # 8220 ; Do you desire to populate everlastingly? & # 8221 ;They so took off and the plane disappeared.

The members of the orchestra followed the following twenty-four hours and merely learned after their landing that Glenn Miller had nonLoschiavo 7arrived. A feverish hunt for the plane was in vain. Official Army intelligence studies said that ice likely formed on the plane, doing it to crash someplace in the grey Waterss of the English Channel. Idolized by many during his life-time, the intelligence of his decease came as a stupefying daze to the 1000000s of fans around the universe who had listened to his music.After his tragic decease, Glenn Miller fable grew. The captivation of his music remained and continued to animate enthusiasm in immature and old alike. Now, more than 50 old ages since the populace foremost embraced the successful Miller Sound, both the fable and the music live on. The large set sound he created has continued to be performed with great popularity since his decease.

The New Glenn Miller Orchestra was formed and is the most sought after large set in the universe today for both concert and dance set battles.Still considered the greatest set of all clip, its alone sound is loved by about anybody that cares for dance music. An album of rediscovered recordings released in 1995 sold over 400,000 transcripts worldwide.

The quality of the music is what keeps Miller & # 8217 ; s vocals popular. In-between school and high school wind sets continue to play his agreements, and are good received by audiences. His records were reissued infinite times and his movies shown on telecasting over and over & # 8211 ; the fable became myth. Plans to movie his life ne’er materialized due to the confusion of war. The biographical movie & # 8220 ; The Glenn Miller Story & # 8221 ; with James Stewart in the prima function was a elephantine success. In 1954, the movie hadits premiere and is still loved today by all Glenn Miller fans as a testimony to the life of one of the most celebrated instrumentalists & # 8211 ; Glenn Miller.


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