Glass Menagerie World Of Illusions Research Essay

Glass Menagerie- World Of Illusions Essay, Research PaperA World of Illusion Every character, including Jim uses semblances of the yesteryear to get away the world in which they live in, and not can populate in the outside universe, the present. They are so dependent on their phantasy universes that they can non work decently in their ain lives. The characters in Tennessee William s The Glass Menagerie invariably live in a universe of phantasies instead than life in the present world.

The characters use the fantasy universe to get away a world that they themselves can non carry through their dreams. Amanda is a individual who lives alternately between a universe of semblance and world. The fact that her hubby deserts her makes her realize that her life is nonmeaningful and empty. The world is that Amanda is an derelict married woman with two kids. Amanda does non mention to Laura as crippled, but instead somewhat deformed.

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When Laura stops traveling to school, Amanda steps into the present world and thinks about the hereafter and what will go on to her girl if she does non acquire married. & # 8220 ; I know so good what become of single adult females who aren t prepared to busy a place & # 8220 ; ( p.42 ) , but every bit speedy as she is to admit Laura s temperament Amanda runs back into her universe of semblance. When Tom brings up Jim, a possible male suer for Laura, Amanda gets her hopes up and thinks that Jim is Laura s knight in reflecting armour, even though she has non met him yet.

In fixing for Jim s reaching, Amanda wears a & # 8220 ; frock in which she leads the cotilion, wins the cakewalk twice at Sunset Hill, and wears it on Sundays for her gentlemen callers. & # 8221 ; ( p.87 ) Amanda creates semblances in order to make full up her life. She escapes into a universe of semblance, invariably mentioning to her 17 rich gentlemen companies in order to acquire off from mundane life. Tom himself knows that his female parent s 17 companies is in world merely an semblance.

She refers to them so much that she starts to believe her semblances are world. She becomes excessively devoted to her kids, which makes her live over her life through her kids. She blindly refuses to acknowledge that her kids have positions different from hers. & # 8220 ; You couldn t be satisfied with merely sitting place & # 8221 ; ( p.85 ) says Amanda to Laura, but in world Laura would much instead be place. Laura seems to & # 8220 ; defy whenever I ( Amanda ) attempt to set up something for you ( Laura ) . & # 8221 ; ( p.

85 ) She forces her thoughts and sentiments on her kids and topographic points them in bad state of affairss. Her past were surely better yearss than the life that she truly lives in now. Though the yesteryear was fantastic, the present world is that she is now an abandoned married woman with two kids.

Laura & # 8220 ; lives in a universe of her own- a universe of small gyoung girl decorations and old record player records.” ( p.81 ) Laura is oversensitive and delicate merely like her glass figures. She has a little malformation, a little hitch, which is magnified by her oversensitivity. To Laura her leg braces “sound like thunder” ( p.112 ) , but in world no one hears them.

Her inability to get the better of her wilted causes Laura to retreat from what is existent into what is make believe. Laura is merely as easy broken like her glass unicorn which is a alone statuette. When Jim by chance bumps into the unicorn and breaks it, the unicorn is no longer alone.

Ironically, Jim kisses Laura and interrupt her bosom at the same clip he bumps and breaks the glass unicorn which now is no longer alone. Laura and her glass menagerie both break when they are exposed to the outside universe, Jim.Tom lives in a universe comprised of his poesy, dreams, freedom, and escapade. He is non satisfied with his occupation and personal life, and tickers films every dark in hunt for escapade. Soon he realizes that he is watching adventure alternatively of populating it. He believes that by remaining where he is, his creativeness, dreams, and freedom will be destroyed.

When Tom negotiations about his rainbow-colored scarf that he got at the thaumaturgy show, he talks about how it changed a bowl of goldfish into winging Canary Islandss. Just like Canary Islandss, Tom s dream is to wing off or flight from his imprisonment. He eventually escapes, but can non allow travel of his sister s memory.

At the terminal when Tom looks at & # 8220 ; pieces of coloured glass, like spots of a tattered rainbow, & # 8221 ; he remembers his sister and hopes that he & # 8220 ; can blow her tapers out. & # 8221 ; ( p.137 ) When Jim visits the Wingfields, he feels like he is live overing his high school old ages when & # 8220 ; Jim was a hero. & # 8221 ; ( p.

83 ) After high school Jim s world is a & # 8220 ; occupation that wasn t much better than Tom s. & # 8221 ; ( p. 83 ) Tom looks up to Jim, and thinks that Jim will acquire someplace in life. Like Tom, Jim is non satisfied with his current place in life. The Wingfields supply Jim with an surrogate world ( like the universe that they live in themselves ) that helps Jim bury the present world and realizes that snoging Laura is a error ; an semblance.

Each clip a character feels as if he/she is traveling frontward, he/she merely moves rearward. Amanda s pick to go on populating in the past affects her kids. Tom decides to acquire off from the household merely like his male parent, and Laura is unhappily drawn into self-isolation and can non take part as an active member of society. Even Jim is disappointed that his hereafter hadn T turned out to be what he imagined in his glorious high school yearss. Although Jim was influenced to come in a universe of the yesteryear, he is the lone character who really leaves the past buttocks and returns to world.


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