Glass Menagerie Essay Research Paper In The

Glass Menagerie Essay, Research PaperIn The Glass Menagerie, Tom Wingfield is possibly the most outstanding character. He is burdened with non merely being a chief character of the drama but the storyteller as good.

He is given the awkward undertaking of being the voice of ground in the Wingfield house. Almost every action of his reveals an of import item about his personality and motive.Tom? s personality can be divided into two chief parts. The first? spring ( s ) ? truth in the pleasant camouflage of semblance? and speaks in vague inside informations while the other side speaks bluffly and leaves no room for misunderstanding. Both parts are critical to Tom as a character since they show that he is a true 3-dimensional character instead than a simple representation of a individual thought. His motive appears to alter throughout the drama.

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At times he acts out of his feelings of love and duty to his household while at other times he is driven by his sense of escapade. Tom? s personality traits reveal a great trade about his motive and concluding for his actions.The many traits of Tom? s personality are what drive him to his actions in the drama.

His sense of duty to Amanda and Laura are the exclusive ground he works at a occupation where he? makes a slave of himself? for 65 dollars a month. ? His desire for escapade in his mundane life is what compels him to travel to the films every dark and fall in the merchandiser Mariness. His demand for escapade is so great that he is willing to go forth his household behind in order to prosecute it. Another trait of Tom? s personality that is made clear in many of his conversations is his bitterness of Amanda? s efforts to command his life. He yearns for the chance to populate his life the manner he sees fit, but he knows that will non go on in the same house his female parent. Despite all of this, he still has a great trade of love for his household, Laura in peculiar.

This is made obvious when, after by chance strike harding pieces of his sister? s glass menagerie to the land he? crosses to the shelf? and? beads awdwardly to roll up the fallen glass. ? He knows how much the figuines meant to her and did whatever he could to mend the harm. At first glimpse, Tom may look to be a simple character but after closer review he is revealed to be a much more complex character.Tom? s character traits connect greatly to the overall subjects and significance of The Glass Menagerie. Tom betrays his household in more ways than one when he leaves to fall in the merchandiser Mariness. He non merely takes their chief beginning of income off but goes straight against Amanda? s belief that he should happen escapade in his day-to-day life, instead than seek it out elsewhere.

Tom? s treachery reveals a great trade about what he believes to be of import in life.Tom evidently believes that while household is of import, personal dreams and desires should come foremost. This shows that he thinks that treachery and grief are merely parts of life that should be overcome. But when he describes experiencing his sister behind him, he is allowing the audience know that possibly he has made the incorrect pick in go forthing his household behind.


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