Give Someone Advice Essay

If you were to look back on your high school years, what advice would you give to someone beginning their high school career? If I were to look back on my high school years and give advice to now students, I will tell them never wait until college to do anything. You should stay curious all the time, cultivate a passion for something, have fun with learning, and pick at least one club and join in.

Stay curious all the time. I think a high school student should be stay curious; or become curious if they are not already!Don’t be afraid of the new things. Even though you in the new environment, new teachers and new friends. If students could be encouraged to question more and become engaged in dialogue as part of the learning process they will find high school much more enjoyable and much more educational. Cultivate a passion for something. Unless a subject, take the opportunity to explore this more, interact with others who have the same passion. Use this as a starting point for learning more about other subjects.Look for connections between what you’re interested in and what is being taught in the classroom.

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In most cases they are connected it just takes a little digging to see the connections. Don’t rely on your teachers to show you these connections. Use your curiosity to find them yourself.

These discoveries will be more meaningful and educational if you find them yourself anyway. Have fun with learning. Even if the activities in the classroom are not always fun but it should not stop you from enjoying the learning process.

To treat school like a job. Don’t go in to talk to your friends or find out the latest gossip. Go in to do your best in all your classes. Don’t worry if your trying your best and you feel like it doesn’t show and everyone else is doing better. All you can do is give 100% in everything. Sometimes you have to be proactive and take the initiative.

Cultivating these skills will prove to be immensely rewarding later in life. Pick at least one club and join in them. Don’t stick in a sport if your miserable or they don’t let you play.

Nobody is ever considered lame or a dork for doing play. It’s fine to show up at a club because you hear there is food; you might actually learn you like the club. And it’s helped you with community skill and improves your leadership. These are some small advises for your high school career and hope you do your best. Don’t wait until college to do anything.

High school is also a stage to show how creative you are. Don’t be afraid of it and enjoy your high school year. You will never have regrets with your high school year.


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