Give Embryonic Stem Cells a Chance By Leslie Hayes Essay

Give Embryonic Stem Cells a Chance By Leslie HayesRough DraftThe controversy about embryonic stem cells is an on going (CW) debate. If people would understand the potential (SF), they have to cure (RO) deadly diseases then there would not be any controversy about embryonic stem cells. For years, there has been an ongoing heated debate about embryonic stem cell research. People are against embryonic stem cell research because they feel it kills an embryo in the process. They feel that the embryo is a living being and should be protected. Yes, the embryo is destroyed after the cells are extracted, from it (RO) but the embryo is not a living being, it cannot survive without a uterus to grow in.

The embryo is five to seven days old it does not have a heart or a brain so it does not suffer (RO). Many of these embryos come from fertility clinics where they are discarded. They rather discard them (SPA) instead of allowing them to be used in medical research that would develop cures for many diseases.For some that oppose embryonic stem cell research the argument is because of their faiths and for others it is just their point of view. (RO) They feel embryonic stem cell research is unethical and not necessary. These embryonic stem cells can produce any part of the human body including muscle, bone, and brain cells (Tucker, 2001). These embryonic stem cells can possibly cure diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, stroke, spinal cord injuries and more (Nichols, 2001).

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Embryonic stem cells can make lung tissue that can eventually grow a lung. This will be a tremendous success, it will be able to give people who need a lung transplant a new lung. (SVA, RO) We all know the donor lists for many transplants is very long (SVA), this will be a big step toward helping people who need a new organ. (RO) Researchers can produce adult stem cells but they have not shown (SPA) the same potential to cure diseases as embryonic stem cells. They are harder to maintain. (SF)President George Bush passed a bill that permits government funds for embryonic stem cell research after August 9,2001, all stem cell research before that date will be funded. (RO) Close to 128 new human embryonic stem cell lines (RO) have been created worldwide since the President’s proposal (Daley, 2001).

He says it is unethical to do research on an embryo. He knows all the benefits stem cells can do for people but he still chooses not to give researchers government money. Opportunities to cure diseases are being missed because of the President. Researchers might be waiting a long time for help from the government.

There are bills to overturn the President’s decision but no decision has been made. (RO) California and New Jersey are using their own state funding to use for embryonic stem cell research.In 1996, Representative Jay Dickey (1996) a republican from Arkansas created a bill for the Department of Health and Human Services stating “the creation of a human embryo or embryos for research purposes or research in which embryos are destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death.

” The amendment has been renewed every year since 1996. The amendment restricts government money for embryonic stem cell research (Daley, 2001). For researchers who have not found cures for all these diseases embryonic stem cell research can be a benefit for humankind. (RO) We should support scientists in their research of embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells can save lives so we can live longer. The benefits these cells have out ways (CW) the harm. If the research posed to be harmful to human beings then it should be discontinued but it has not showed any harm. (RO) Embryonic stem cells are beneficial to expanding our resources for treating diseases.

There should be close supervision while scientists are researching embryonic stem cells, Scientists should specialize in this medical field. If people would support embryonic stem cell research, they would be of great value to everyone. (SPA) This research will help scientists understand many chromosomal and development disorders that originate in early embryos.United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, and Japan have scientists that do embryonic stem cell research.

Their laws approve embryonic stem cell research and the people of those countries accept it. They have no political problems or funding issues. Although in 2005, a scientist in South Korea named Woo Suk Hwang created an international world wind when he admitted that he lied about circumstances under which the oocytes had been obtained to do the embryonic stem cell research (Steinbrook, 2006). Oocytes are cells from which an egg or ovum develops by meiosis. Oocytes are usually donated for reproduction purposes not for research (Definition of Oocytes, 2006). Women are being paid a good price for their eggs.

Canada and the United Kingdom have banned payments to women for their eggs.Take the story about actors Christopher Reeve and Michael J. Fox. (SF) Christopher was paralyzed from a spinal cord injury when he was thrown from his horse. Michael suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Bom (CW) actors have gone around the world educating and fighting for embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cells have been transplanted in mice that have spinal cord injuries. The results of that research were the mice were functionally repaired by the embryonic stem cells.

(RO) Embryonic stem cells produce neurons, which implanted in the brain of a person with Parkinson’s disease can cure that person. Research has shown when neurons are implanted in. (RO) the brain of an adult mouse with Parkinson’s disease. The adult mouse recovered fully (Streisand ; Boyce, 2004), Therefore, as you can see embryonic stem cells are important for our quality of life. If people would just look at the big picture of this debate and set aside their opinions, they would see the great potential these cells have. (RO) Other then (CW) curing diseases they have the potential to help develop certain medicines for many illnesses. To do the research scientists need funding without funding the research will be delayed. (RO) If the research is delayed that means people with deadly diseases, or who need transplants cannot be saved.

(RO) I am sure if a person who is opposed of the research of embryonic stem cells suddenly became sick, or had a loved one become sick, and the only thing that would cure them was embryonic stem cells they (SPA) would think twice about their decision.The subject of this paper is the ethical aspect of the embryonic cell research. Unfortunately, the subject the writer chose is too general for the paper format. There are too many opinions and aspects of this problem for it to be covered in this type and format of the essay.The thesis statement for this paper is that the practical benefits of the development of the stem cell research overweight the ethical drawbacks of this research.

The most important message in the paper is that the usage of stem cells can save lots of lives, thus there is no point to circumscribe this research because of the ethical principles.The most interesting aspects discussed in the paper were the differences in the policies considering the stem cells research, and the achievement of the foreign scientists.The sources author used are recent and quite relevant but there are too many citations. Sometimes the citations don’t correlate with the text they are inserted in.The title, introduction and body are present in the essay, but the conclusion is not finished. It’s too small, and it doesn’t provide summary for most of the issues touched in the essay.The author of the essay hasn’t provided the page numbers n the in-text citations. In addition, there is no reference list at the end of the essay.

There are many incoherent sentences through the paper. The text fragments are complicated and incoherent, and the presentment of the material is not logical. The essay is poorly structured. I’m unable to identify the issues of incoherence in the paper, as most of the text except citations is incoherent.There are almost no transitional words and phrases in the essay, thus some words and phrases are repeated continuously, which hampers the understanding of the thoughts the author expresses.

The essay has some good material in it, but the grammar is poor, the sentences are incoherent, and the structure is not followed. There are too many repetitions in the essay, thus it is hard to find out what the author’s thoughts and arguments are.;


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