Girls Have It Harder Essay

In “What Is the Triple Bind? ” Stephen Hinshaw describes all the obstacles and hard work that teenage girls have to go through. Girls get put down a lot and that’s why they feel under pressure when they are trying to do something. Some people are against girls when it comes to a job because of their weaknesses, but they never take a look at their strengths. Hinshaw explains girls getting plastic surgery because make up is no longer good for them to look pretty; therefore, girls absolutely have it harder than boys in today’s society. A girl can be put through a lot in her life.She has to put up with the children and make sure the food is ready when the man comes home from work. All the guy has to do is go to work and come back home to his family.

The girl has to clean the house, take the children to school and make everything look perfect before the guy gets mad. In describing most girls hard life’s, Hinshaw points out “Despite the apparent wealth of choices, our girls are ultimately presented with a very narrow, unrealistic set of standards that allow for no alternative”(305). The only way that a girl will become a woman is if she turns herself into an object.Statistics say that there are about 4,400 suicide deaths per year.

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Girls with the age of 10 to 14 are even at a higher risk for suicides(Bullying and Suicide). Many people will bully girls because they think that they might be weak. Not all the girls are weak but the ones who are tend to have suicidal thoughts. Verbal bullying is the main reason why girls commit suicide and not physical bullying.

Maldonado 2 The bully will sometimes tell young girls that the world would be better without them. Girls need support in order for them to stay strong. All girls are always being put down when it comes to driving.

Many people say that they can’t drive so they shouldn’t be driving. Some people also make jokes like saying that girls are the reason why car accidents occur. In the city of New York, a college student did a documentary about the taxi drivers. She went around the whole city and noticed 46,000 cabs. There was only 170 girl taxi drivers out of the whole 46,000 cabs that were in the city. That is lower than the national average(Diana Diroy).

This proves that companies don’t want a lot of girl drivers because of all the negative things that they hear about them.It may also prove that it is just too difficult for a girl to do and not because they’re bad drivers. In “What Is the Triple Bind” Hinshaw states, “girl skills are not enough”(302). Years ago the only skills that girls needed were to look pretty, get a boyfriend and start a family.

Those skills are not good enough now because now they need to be at the same level as a guy or better. Girls work so hard to overcome something and they sometimes get blamed for it. If a girl is always being called fat, then she will go on a diet or they will even go on an eating disorder.Some girls will even get plastic surgery if they think that they are not pretty enough. The sad part of girls getting plastic surgery is that most of the time they get the money and support from their parents. When a girl knows or thinks that she has more weaknesses than strengths, then she will do whatever it takes to overcome it. Out of all the difficult challenges that a girl has to go through in order for her to be the “perfect girl,” the triple bind is the most difficult challenge that she will have to overcome. A girl needs to be good at all the traditional Maldonado 3 girl stuff such as always being nice and kind or having a boyfriend.

Girl skills are not good enough in today’s world for a female because they need the skills that will leave a guy speechless when doing his job. Girls could become the first fire fighter or construction worker in their family but they still need to look pretty and be fit. When a girl is not wearing any make up or the traditional “girl” clothes might seem that she doesn’t care about her appearance but in the inside she might be going through depression or even having suicidal thoughts. In today’s world, girls are not the only that have it hard because guys have their harsh moments too.

A boy has to put on a certain image in order for them to fit in with the popular. A guy will sometimes want to have that perfect body because they think that girls will like them more. If a boy doesn’t do what his friends tell him to do, they will call him a coward or other mean words. Boys also have it hard in life because if they hit a girl they will get punished. If a girl hits a boy, they wouldn’t get anything against them. When a police officer confronts a couple that is beating each other, the police officer will give more charges to the guy just because he’s a guy.When it comes to family, the guy is always the one who has to put the money on the table. He has to pay for rent, food and necessary stuff.

Sometimes a boy can have it hard in school too. If a boy is sitting down in class next to a girl that he really likes and the teacher asks him a question, he wouldn’t answer it because he thinks it will be wrong and the girl will make fun of him. A boy will be blamed for everything in school because teachers think that girls are so innocent that they wouldn’t do anything bad. Boys will definitely have their hard moments too.Boys absolutely do not have it harder than girls in today’s society. Stephen Hinshaw explains in “What Is the Triple Bind” the difficulties for a girl to be equal to a Maldonado 4 guy in any way.

Girls are always being made fun of which causes them to go through depression and can lead to something more serious. A girl will always works so hard to make the same amount of money that a guy makes working in the same position and they end up getting less money than the guy. The toughest challenge that a girl will face throughout her life will always be the triple bind.


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