Ghost Story-The Baby Ghost Essay

Ghost Story-The Baby Ghost Many times cruelty dominates and motivates psychopaths to commit devastating crime without knowing the consequences it can have in nearby or society. A “baby ghost” is a live example of unlawful act committed by human. It is hard to believe that baby turned to devil and squeezed human blood and smashed all organs just to leave pool of blood on floor.Few years back, some European families made a vacation/pleasure trip to enjoy natural heaven of Asian countries. I was also on a pleasure trip and stayed in same hotel. Next day morning we had to visit to a near by historic place.

We were all travelling in a Bus arranged by travel agent. During mid of the journey, when we were passing through dense forest, we saw a village like area on top of hill. All the tourists were very curious to know more about it. We requested to the driver to take the bus to that area. Bus stopped after half a kilometre as there was no road after that.

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When, we were approaching towards the village, an old man having dark red beard stopped us and warned not to go to that village. We ignored and treated the old man as mad due to age factor and moved towards that village. By the time we reached to the village sun light started fading slightly early due to very dense cloud.The village was deserted and there was no sign of life seen. Suddenly we heard a woman crying.

We all rushed towards her. She was bleeding badly and lying on a pool of blood. She was found dead, when some of us checked her. No one could find the reason. We were all horrified and thinking what to do next. The old man again appeared and said “I had warned you but you did not listen to me.

If you don’t want any more death, all of you must leave this place immediately”. Though, we were all horrified but did not want to follow his instruction blindly. So, we insisted to tell us the reason for leaving this place at the same time doubting on old man behind the killing.  The old man replied” I will tell you every thing but it is not safe to stay here for even a minute”. We insisted again to tell the reason, then the old man told” OK, now listen to me carefully but all of you should be alert to avoid any eventuality”.The Old man sat on a rock and kept mum for a while with his eyes closed and then said. It is hard to believe but true. A Baby ghost has killed that lady.

About sixty years back one dreaded incident took place with a new born baby of a very rich person. The couple used to come every summer to enjoy holidays. They had one maid from nearby tribal area to take care of their neonate. Maid was very sincere but she had some family problems with reference to kids.       In an important occasion, she requested her masters to sanction leave but they shorn of. She requested again and again but the couple were reluctant. Her mind got spinning and due to dominance of immoral thoughts, she committed a heart shattering crime.

The very next day when couple went out, she took baby and kept inside the deep cooking pan and closed the lid tightly. Then she put the pan under the fire and immediately left the house. When couple returned back, they couldn’t find baby as well as the maid. They became worried and started searching the baby every where. When they could not find the baby all over near to the place, then retuned back thinking that maid might have taken out to the child some where out. Suddenly they saw one big pan was under the fire which was not in use for a long time.

When lid was opened, they went out of mind. Their baby was boiling in the pan. This heinous act marked a negative impact on community.Couple were not in their senses. They were hunting for the maid whole night. Next morning when they returned back, they were stunned; maid was lying on the pool of blood and was dead. After some time, they heard the cries of pregnant women living in adjacent farm house. She was hit without any known cause and been aborted.

It was trembling news for all dwellers. This was a mystery for everyone, as who is killing the pregnant women.Gradually these incidents were happening very frequently. It was popular as a ghost power who engaged in destruction and restricting this place to be populated. It was a matter of serious concern for all. People were planning how to get rid of such dreaded incidents? One amazing point was also perceptible that is, women who gave birth to baby girl were not at all affected with ghost power. People experienced another phase of incident at that time. Baby Ghost attacked only on unborn baby boy.

Keeping these incidents in mind, people declared that area as a Baby Ghost affected area. Women with baby girl successfully delivered the baby and were protected from harmful events.     Old man then took a glass of water and again told with tearful eyes that her grand daughter was also a victim of Baby ghost and no one is survived to look after me.This chain of incidents originated too many orthodox beliefs that pregnant women must avoid dark places. They should not be left alone. They must not move in strange places. Local populace still believe that Baby ghost may attack on their next generation so they don’t allow any one to enter into that region.  This particular area is considered to be a dessert and “baby ghost” area.

All the tourists were astonished and feared. We immediately left the place moved onward.  Though this baby ghost story has no scientific basis, but no one can deny the existence of such devil powers whose intention is always to threaten and destruct the people taking an advantage of darkness.


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