Getting get an amazing education has always

Getting into such an incredible school is truly an honor for anyone. To get an amazing education has always been a dream of mine. Such schools such as Teterboro Technical High School bring this dream to life. Any student would love to be accepted to this school but not all do.

With this essay, I do hope to convince those reading to give me a chance at such a marvelous opportunity. Now allow me to explain my choices of graphic design or fashion design. Graphic design and fashion design has always been an interest of mine. Transferring someone from my mind and onto a piece of paper is a wonderful experience. Whether it is for a customer wanting a new logo or a dress for their wedding. I have been drawing since I could place a crayon on paper. It has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl.

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Making art for those around me has always been a thing I just did. Making cards and logos for those who asked but never for any pay. It was always a thing I did because I found it fun.

So when I was given the option of graphic design I had to choose it. Recently I started improving to start drawing for people who did choose to pay for my small creations.  At one point I took my hand at sewing the creations I made. Once I had designed a pretty dress and wondered if I could wear that for my graduation; My mother then contacted her friend. Such friend was a fashion designer who helped me bring my design to life (as well as help me improve my skills and knowledge of the fashion world). I continued designing such outfits once I saw my creation in front of me; the fact that I could touch my very own creation made me want to continue what was once a hobby into a possible career path.

 I truly do hope those reading consider me for this once in a lifetime chance. For I do enjoy both graphic and fashion design and hope I get to do one of the two in the near future. After reading this easy I hope those who read do give me this fantastic opportunity.

With my optimistic mind, I bid you farewell and I do pray this essay keeps me in your thoughts. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this as I wish you consider me for this opportunity. 


I'm Ruth!

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