Gerard David And Mary Cassatt Research Essay

Gerard David And Mary Cassatt Essay, Research PaperGerard David and Mary Cassatt both are singular creative persons who has influenced creative persons today. Gerard David was born in 1455 in the Netherlands ( Oudewater ) . Mary Cassatt was born in 1861 in Pennsylvania.

Even though they were born at different times, their pictures show the relationship between female parent and kid.David painted Virgin and Child With Four Angels in 1510. The type of canvas used was wood with oil pigment. The wood has a rectangular form.

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The Virgin and Child characters that were reproduced from a picture by Jan new wave Eyck, who influenced David when he settled in Bruges in 1484.In the foreground there are six figures. The female parent, kid and the four angels. The female parent has brown hair and is have oning a ruddy robe.

She is besides in the centre of the picture. She has a blue expression on her face, while keeping her kid tightly. The female parent depicts the Virgin Mary. The kid is naked in the female parent & # 8217 ; s weaponries looking at the spectator. The kid represents Jesus and artlessness.

To the left and right of the female parent there are two angels. One is playing a harp and the other is playing a banjo. The one playing the harp is have oning a black robe. Black can stand for the darkness or immorality.

The other angel playing the banjo is have oning a white grey robe. The white grey colour can stand for the pureness and good side. Their facial looks look as if they are sad. The other two angels are above the female parent and kid. They both are keeping a Crown over the female parent and kid. The angels keeping the Crown symbolizes the war between good and evil.

In the in-between land and background there are churches, gardens, and mountains. The colourss chiefly used are forest green, brown, white and beige colour to foreground certain facets of the picture. The churches in the picture are from Sint-Jakobs and Onze-Lieve-Vrouw.

The temper of the piece is melancholic. It is shown in the facial looks of each character.Looking at the picture I truly couldn & # 8217 ; t state where David started his work. I think he started with the background foremost and everything came after.

Mary Cassatt painted a Young Mother Sewing on a rectangular canvas. She besides used oil pigment like Gerard David did. In the foreground, the immature kid in the picture was have oning a white and sky blue frock. Grey was used to foreground her frock in the visible radiation. She had brown eyes, brown hair and chubby ruddy cheeks. Her face and weaponries were detailed.

The kid was tilting on her female parent & # 8217 ; s lap looking at the spectator. The female parent was have oning a white and black zebra stripped frock. She is sitting in a white chair run uping a frock.

The frock is green, aqua blue and yellow. I think the yellow was used as high spot on the frock. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and a melancholic expression on her face.In the in-between land there is a rectangular wooden desk that has a pinkish Prunus persica colour. On top of the desk there is a royal blue and sky bluish vase.

Cassatt blended the colourss together. Inside the vase there are orangish flowers with forest green foliages.In the background there is a wood scenery. Cassatt uses green, forest viridity, brown and blue in the background. The blue shows that it is dark clip.

The forest green high spots the trees. There are two white shots that represent the air current. The temper of the picture is really unagitated and quiet.Cassatt uses a two inch coppice and blends in the colourss on the canvas. The merely elaborate thing in the picture is the facial characteristics of the female parent and kid and their custodies.

Looking at the picture I think that Cassatt started with blue for the background and painted the image.Both pictures made me experience this connexion with the kids. In the picture they both are looking at the spectator. I think the painters were seeking to demo the importance of kids in their times. It made me lose my female parent a batch when I saw the kids comforted by their female parents.I think this undertaking was a good experience for me to acquire in touch with my artist side.

I truly didn & # 8217 ; t like art when I was younger. Now that I am larning about the different painters and the grounds behind the art, I am get downing to hold a similar for the topic.


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